The mobile SIM card comes with a PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code or PIN (personal identification number). The main purpose of these codes is to provide a security.

These codes are normally used to prevent your SIM card from unauthorized use, theft or loss. The PUK is enclosed in a machine-generated security paper. Make sure to take care in storing this paper as it will be your only copy.

Is the PUK code related to the phone brand or model?
The PUK code has nothing to do with your mobile phone’s brand (i.e. Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Nextel, Sony-Ericsson, LG) or model. The PUK is only tied to the SIM card.

What happens if I lost or forgot my PUK code?
If you are a postpaid user (Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, Verizon, T-Mobile, Orange or AT&T), your cell provider may be able to provide you with your PUK code. Just call them up, authenticate your identity by answering some questions and they will give you the PUK for your SIM card. This is easy because the telco can verify you as the owner of the SIM card or the mobile number.

If you are a prepaid card user, then it is assumed that only you have the copy of the PUK when you purchased the SIM. Since most prepaid SIM cards do not require registration, there is no way the telco can verify your identity and ownership of the SIM card.

Is there a software I can use to unlock?
There has been no known software you cna use to unlock a PUK. You may go and visit cell shops in VirraMall, Greenhills to ask around but we’ve not seen or heard of any service doing this.

What should I do?
The best you can do is write an affidavit of loss for the PUK codes and send a request to your provider. Bring the two documents to their business center for processing.

How to unblock PUK on SIM for Smart subscribers?
You need your PUK (Pin Unblocking Key) when you accidentally got your PIN1 or PIN2 blocked or forgot your PIN codes. PUK enables you to unlock your PIN-blocked cellphones and thus, enjoy using Smart services again.

If your PIN code is blocked, just enter your SIMs PUK code to unblock it. The PUK code can be found in the PIN slip that came with your SIM pack.

For lost PIN slip, you can:
1. Go to Web Connect at (for Buddy) or (for Talk N Text).

2. Login to Web Connect using your Smart cellphone number and password. If you are not a member yet, select: REGISTER and sign up using your Smart cellphone number.

3. Select PUK Release to unblock your SIM.