Careers at Sun Cellular

See below all available job openings at Sun Cellular:

Become a Part in the Making of a Leader, Want to be different? Be under the SUN!

The edge of any competition is with the right people of limitless potentials. And the building of a strong future begins today. At SUN, individual capabilities are identified and nurtured thru continuous education, training and structured executive mentoring.

Everyone is welcomed by a culture supportive of fun, learning and development. A group guided by one vision… bonded by shared values.

Build the Future

Challenge status quo… think beyond imagination… find the idea, grab the opportunity, and take risk!

In Sun, people are challenged to examine the present and improve the future while providing balance between business and social accountability. Discover a sense of purpose and value as we continue to evolve and innovate as a people and as an organization, as productive members of the community and as worthy citizens.

Boost Your Career

People is power! Sun strongly upholds the power of individuals to bring the entire organization to the next level. An established career management system using a competency-based training and developmental programs is discussed and planned-out with the individual.

11th Floor Galleria Corporate Center
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue
1110 Quezon City Philippines

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