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June 06, 2013

A preview of Windows 8.1

Microsoft has uploaded a video on YouTube showing the highlights of what to expect in Windows 8.1 which is coming later this year as a free update for Windows 8 customers.


Learning from customer feedback and on how they’re using Windows 8, Microsoft added a slew of new features and enhancements on the upcoming Windows 8.1 update. Below are some of the features to expect:

  • The lockscreen is now a cloud-powered photo frame which shows images sourced from your PC, Skydrive or Windows Phone.
  • New tile sizes. Tile sizes can be larger or smaller for a more efficient start screen.
  • Improved All Apps screen. From the start screen, swipe up to reveal the list of all apps installed on the PC.
  • New personalization options. You can now choose from a wider range of colors for your Windows theme.
  • Motion Accents – an animated start screen wallpaper that moves as you swipe (similar to the Sony Xperia animated wallpapers).
  • Start button is back on desktop mode.
  • New Windows search feature for a more curated app-like experience that brings everything that is on the PC and on the web into one place.
  • Better Skydrive integration.
  • Better multi-tasking experience. You can display up to four apps on the screen at once.

For a better understanding of the features mentioned above, watch the video below:

For those who want to give Windows 8.1 a spin, Microsoft will be releasing a Preview version of the OS on June 26.

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8 Responses to “A preview of Windows 8.1”

  1. Quacker says:

    Interesting, they brought back the Start button on Desktop

  2. lockon
    Twitter: alzmckly

    Is that the start button at 2:12?

  3. Mica
    Twitter: micasobre

    I really think WIndows 8 has potential. Looking forward to this update!

  4. BON
    Twitter: taragismm

    nice move microsoft!

  5. emansky
    Twitter: emansky

    I personally love Windows 8. I have no problem with it.. and this just made it better :)

  6. Justin says:

    A question from a (still) Windows 7 user: So if I installed Windows 8, and MS releases 8.1, will my OS get the update automatically, for free, via Windows Updates, perhaps? Or do I have to pay MS again for the 8.1 update?

  7. Cris says:

    Any reviews on the all in one desktops in the market today with the huge touch screens? Looking for one actually for the home office. TIA!

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