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July 30, 2015

How to get Windows 10 on your PC today

During the local launch of Windows 10 yesterday, Microsoft representatives revealed that over 80 million people signed up for the upgrade to Windows 10 and 5 million who are part of the Windows 10 Insiders are getting it during the first batch. However, many others are still waiting for the update until now.

We were told that there’s also no exact date when Windows 10 DVD installers are going to be available locally. The rest will have to watch as the roll out is delivered in batches (as Microsoft’s servers are being hammered will millions of requests for the update).

However, there is an easy and faster way to get Windows 10 to your PC or laptop immediately.

1) In Windows, go to Control Panel and open up Windows Update. Make sure that all usual updates are already download and installed. If not, go over them first then go back to the start.

2) Open the Search function and type in “cmd“. On the list of results, right click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as Administrator”. In the new window, type in “wuauclt.exe /updatenow“.

3) Go back to the Windows Update window and click on Update.

4) While Update is running, go back to the Command Prompt window and hit Enter. Wait ’til the Windows Update prompts Downloading Windows 10.

5) Repeat the steps if it does not work. In our experience, takes about 2 or 3 times before the update kicks in.

Note: The installation requires about 5.4GB of free space so make sure you have enough disk space before proceeding with the steps above.

Enjoy the free upgrade to Windows 10 on your PC. Do chime in on the comments section how the experience is so far.

More about the free Windows 10 Upgrade here.

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  1. Will try now, not really sure if it can resume interrupted downloads though…

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