Windows 8.1 with Bing coming to cheaper devices

Microsoft is pushing its operating system to more devices by it making cheaper for OEMs. A new version of Windows 8.1 is coming to devices at Computex 2014 dubbed as Windows 8.1 with Bing.


Of course, a cheaper price comes with a trade-off. The cheaper version of Windows 8.1 is shipping to devices with Bing as the default search engine within Internet Explorer. That is actually not a bad deal because you can still change your default search engine and internet browser. Microsoft is making this move to ragain their lost ad revenues.

The only ‘victim’ here are the non-tech savvy consumers who don’t mind using Bing and Internet Explorer. For OEMs, this will reduce the cost to install licensed Windows 8.1 from $50 to $15. The $35 saving per device will lead to less-expensive devices in the future.

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  1. yugatech reader

    Your animosity against Microsoft Bing isn’t very obvious. The portrayal of media should be fair and balanced.

  2. micron

    LOL “The only ‘victim’ here are the non-tech savvy consumers who don’t mind using Bing and Internet Explorer.” Nakagamit ka na ba ng bing? at latest IE? malamang kasama ka sa non-tech savvy hahaha

    • Iamme

      In the software tech industry, chrome and firefox are the preferred browsers. There are so many issues with IE. Things work fine with both chrome and firefox, then you’ll find something wrong with IE. As for Bing, it’s not that popular but it’s not that bad as well.

      Ikaw, nakapag-implement ka na ba ng web page and application that will run on IE? I bet you are just an end user and hindi na transparent sayo yung mga fixes na ginawa just to make things work on IE and that includes the latest release.

    • Bing isn’t bad, but it isn’t as good as Google especially when you take advantage of Google’s specific search system. The Google database is full of useful information for security professionals that isn’t available elsewhere. And IE is only good for the non-tech savvy. The issues and vulnerabilities are simply too annoying for those who know what they’re doing. So don’t go “LOL-ing” those who know what they’re saying.

    • micron

      Malamang hindi pa nga kyo updated sa ie at bing gumamit muna kyo meron akong chrome firefox at latest lahat pati ie sa windows pro 8.1 update 1 kya alam ko sinasbi ko. Mahirap mag program ng gagana lahat ng browser kya dapat pag nagprogram ka need mo itest yung ginawa mo sa mga browser nasa developer side na yun. Masyado lang minaliit yung ie at bing nung writer hindi sya patas.

  3. Easy E

    So ano yung in-announce ng microsoft na free ang next windows phone os? Ito kasi may 15$ pa. Windows 9 ba yung tinutukoy na next na free?

    • Windows ito hindi Windows Phone

    • base sa pagkaka alala ko free na nga yung Windows OS para sa tablets with screen size smaller than 9 inches. kasali ata ito dito ang windows phone. itong cheaper windows 8.1 OS with bing na ito ay para sa mga laptops at desktop computers ata to make them more cheaper.
      im actually looking forward to this kind of move from microsoft. kasi sobrang mahal ng licensed Windows OS eh. tas yung laptops dito sa atin lahat overpriced. inggit talaga ako dun sa US sobrang mura ng computers nila, sa 300$-400$ mo makakabili ka na ng laptops with decent specs. :(

  4. Wala pa ring patch yung security bug ng IE…

  5. Will it give MS Office for free?

  6. annoyed reader

    Gosh, who hired this guy? Probably Google or Apple? He keeps on writing junk about Microsoft when he clearly knows nothing about its products, especially windows and windows phone 8.1. This article is so biased and unprofessionally-written it looks like it was written by an ignorant high school student.

    Anyone who owns a touchscreen windows device like myself should know how poor chrome and firefox perform when using touch, compared with Internet Explorer 11. You practically can’t use either chrome or firefox when you scroll down websites with your finger for a long time because they lag so much, while IE11 is just smooth as butter. True, IE had once been very bad (chrome had been my default browser until my windows 7 laptop broke and I bought a windows tablet-PC), but now IE11 has improved so much that chrome and firefox are truly lagging behind, at least for touch device users. And I’ve switched to Bing ever since I discovered that Google keeps track of all your activities (searches, emails, video views) even when you don’t want them to, so they can target you with ads. That’s probably the reason YouTube (owned by Google) remembers the videos I’ve watched even when I’m signed out and after I’ve cleared my PC and keeps on suggesting similar videos to me. (Yes, I watch some things I’m not very proud to show other people, so this is definitely not a good thing.)

    So to say that “The only ‘victim’ here are the non-tech savvy consumers who don’t mind using Bing and Internet Explorer” is not only grammatically incorrect (victimS!), it’s also a disgusting misinformation. I hope the author at least takes some classes on journalism or formal writing before he writes any more junk.


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