Windows 8 vulnerable to threat says Adobe

According to Adobe, Microsoft’s upcoming OS will be susceptible to threats because of an unfixed bug on the Adobe Flash Player which is integrated in the Internet Explorer 10.

This bug was already addressed by Adobe with an update they released last August. However, the current version of Flash Player found in the IE10 of Windows 8 will not have this fix out of the box. According to Microsoft they’ll only apply the fix once the OS reaches the GA (General Availability) phase which will happen when the software starts retailing on October 26.

Although the new OS will not have the fix when it comes available, the software giant reassures their consumer that it will not take long for them long before they release a Windows Update containing the patch. This statement was backed up by a statement given by an Adobe representative in their support forum.

We hope that everything goes according to plan because if not, this hole in the security may pose a serious threat especially considering that some of these vulnerabilities ranked highest on Adobe’s threat watchlist.


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  1. What Windows OS isn’t vulnerable to threat? :P

  2. That’s why one of the first things I did after installing Win8 was install Chrome (and Firefox afterwards)

  3. grayscale

    misleading title. It’s not the OS but IE10 and the fix will be available once it hits GA which is the only time it will be available to the public. Those who have it now (DP, technet, etc.) knows how to take of their own PCs. So are the pirates. Some of the dump pirates who will just install for the sake of jumping the bandwagon won’t surely use IE10.

    • “…won’t surely use IE10”

      Paano ka nakatitiyak?

    • grayscale

      The fact that they know RTM and know how to install it means they are not your average mom/dad. Also, sinabi ko na bandwagoners sila, bandwagoners tend to use Chrome/Firefox dahil nakaplanta na sa utak nila na di gumamit ng IE dahil hindi “cool”

  4. Yep, misleading title.
    then again, PPC and eCPM requires a captivating headline. so Mislead away!..

  5. Oliver Twist

    May gumagamit pa ba ng IE??? haha…

  6. I really hate to admit this, but no matter how insecure Adobe Flash is, we’ll continue using it until HTML5 (an alternative or complete replacement to Flash) matures and becomes the de facto standard for content delivery.

    On an unrelated news, Java is also known to cause vulnerabilities among computers installed with it.

    Adobe Flash and Oracle Java is definitely a software that creates a security hole among computers.

    • grayscale

      I agree. My browsers are always set to click-to-play for plugins para on-demand lang ang pag launch nila. It’s been a long time since I needed Java on Windows. Andun lang siya sa linux partition XD

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