Updated: 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 press images leak

Press images of the Nokia’s next flagship phone, the Lumia 1020 (previously called the EOS & the 909), was seen making its round on the internet ahead of its alleged launch due next week.

 nokia lumia 1020

In addition to the leaked images, WPCentral has confirmed that the smartphone will sport a fairly large optics that has a f/2.2 aperture and will have some other nifty enhancements like oversampling technologies and optical image stabilization. It will also feature Nokia’s Pro Camera app which will enable the user to adjust settings such as the ISO, the white balance, manual focus, the shutter speed and the flash. NFC capabilities & the Amber update is expected to come with it too.

Nokia is launching the Lumia 1020 this July 11, 11AM in NYC.

Update: The Nokia Lumia 1020 is now official. Here are all the details.

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  1. tom byron

    Dapat may personal insight ka naman Frekz, kung ano ang opinion mo sa product na ire, hindi lang yung ka ng kopya ng kopya sa ibang tech sites.

    • Bob Freking

      If you really want my personal insight, then I think the naming should have been different. “1020” isn’t really catchy for a game-changing smartphone.

      Other than that, all seems true. Nokia has done it for me, and if Microsoft adds a lot of improvements to Windows Phone as it did in Windows 8.1 Blue, then a lot might just jump the Nokia-WP bandwagon.

    • I think he is just spreading the news which help us who are so busy bashing others. grow up man.

    • parehokayoniabu

      bobo mo rin noh NEWS po ito hindi self-made article,sa tingin mo ba NEWS pa rin itong matatawag kung may opinion na ito ng publisher????katanga nga naman maghintay ka ng opinion ni sir kapag naglabas na cla ng first impressions sa phone #kalamokungcnubobonaman

  2. This is just a News, not a review. No need for insight. LOL

  3. jefflacs

    Launch next week? Eh Sa Friday na kila iaannouce/ilalaunch eh!!! July 11, 2013!

  4. WiseOne

    Good luck with the sales Nokia :P

  5. lolwut

    Wait… Wait.. Wait… Leaks ba talaga to? Bakit parang sure na sure na ang pagkakasulat na ito na talaga ang lalabas?

  6. ABuzalzal


  7. Andrei

    Sure na daw po ito na lalabas via AT&T sa US. Hopefully i release din sa atin..


  8. jayron

    I can’t stand the borders of the screen. Parang picture frame. Otherwise looking good. Though loyal Android pa rin ako.


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