Thursday, January 31st, 2013
BlackBerry 10 phones vs. the world, a brief comparison

BlackBerry 10 phones vs. the world, a brief comparison

All of our waiting has come to an end. The BlackBerry 10 phones are out, namely the Z10 & the Q10. It is without doubt the best of BlackBerry’s crop, but how does it fare against its competitors?


A lot of specs aren’t given as of now, and that includes the display technology, the processor used and so forth. However, phones like the iPhone are proof that you don’t need extremely beefy specs to run a phone smoothly – all you need is the optimization of the hardware and the software. In fact, it seems like the new BlackBerry phones are all about this.


As you can see above, it does not hold neither the worst nor the best specs. It’s exactly right in between.

The next BlackBerry devices won’t feature 1080p screens and 8-core CPUs, but we’re really impressed with what we have seen. They even feature some stuff that some high-end phones don’t have such as a micro-HDMI port, NFC, expandable storage and all the other small stuff.

BlackBerry 10 doesn’t run on the best specs, but it is more than decent by today’s standards. What is the use of a 1080p phone 8-core phone if it runs on something like the Symbian s60? After all, it’s all about hardware and software working together these days.

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  1. Christian

    Sayang, medyo mababaw yung information dito sa article. sana naka html table nalang yung details para mas clear. :)

  2. maganda sana kung may standard benchmark scores.

    • Wala pang price at benchmark ang BB. Wala pa nha lumia 920 dito eh. Atat

  3. maganda din pala kung may price (MSRP) comparison.

  4. bakit di maview previous comments?


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