BlackBerry Curve 9380 is official, goes full screen

Research in Motion (RIM) officially announced the BlackBerry Curve 9380, the first Curve to shed the qwerty keyboard in favor or a full touchscreen. We’ve covered the global launch here in Jakarta, Indonesia earlier today.

When we were doing the interview with Hastings Singh, VP for South Asia, I thought I was holding a new model of the BlackBerry Torch. I was surprised when I was told it’s the new BlackBerry Curve Touch.

It turns out it was the Curve 9380 which comes with a 3.2″ capacitive display and a resolution of 480×360 pixels. It will also have a 5MP rear camera, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, NFC and runs on BlackBerry 7 OS.

They did not say what’s the clock speed of the processor but tells us it’s got a 512MB RAM, a 512 ROM and a hot-swappable micro-SD card slot up to 32GB (2GB included).

We’re updating this as the launch is still on-going.

Updated: They weren’t able to give a final SRP for the Curve 9380 and when it will be released in the Philippines but from the interviews we did this afternoon, I’m getting a 1st quarter of 2012 calendar.

Disclosure: RIM Indonesia gave all attendees of the event the new BlackBerry 9790.

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  1. Looks small too! I hope that the price isn’t too steep since it’s a curve. I wonder how it would perform for a 512mb touchscreen?

  2. oh no… don’t tell me this will be the end of qwerty keyboard on bb phones.. T_T

  3. spread the bb love bb original accessories

  4. What’s the use of the trackpad if it’s full touchscreen?

  5. If RIM wants to compete against its rivals iPhone and Android-enabled phones, it first need to match the number of apps available for BlackBerry.

  6. I think RIM also needs to draw a line to differentiate Curve line and from Bold line. They could market Curve to yuppies, Bold to professionals, Pearl to women, and Torch to the elite. They could develop Curve as a multimedia phone.

  7. It’s a new dimension that will catch attention and curiosity.


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