BlackBerry R10 specs leaked

Images of the reported BlackBerry R10 has been circulating the web since last month but little was known about what it will be carrying under the hood. Now we have preliminary specs of the upcoming entry-level BlackBerry 10 device.


If you remember the first leaked images of BlackBerry 10 devices from last year, you’ll notice that there are three smartphones in that lineup. Two of them are already out, namely the all-touch BlackBerry Z10 and the keyboard-equipped BlackBerry Q10. The BlackBerry R10 will land on the budget-friendly side as it’s supposed to be the BB10 reincarnation of the BlackBerry Curve. It’s expected to be less powerful than the Q10 but more affordable.


BlackBerry R10 specs (unofficial):
3.1-inch (720×720) display, 328ppi
5 megapixel rear camera w/ LED flash
Front-facing camera
2GB of RAM
8GB of internal storage
1,800mAh non-removable battery
BlackBerry 10.1 OS

Based to the leaked images, the R10 will be available in three color variants – Black, White, and Red. Pricing and availability are still unknown.

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  1. zarne

    @ 2GB RAM, optimized to the BB10 systems should be as fast as the Q10 and Z10. What is interesting is the “Non Removable Battery” as all the blackberry phones I have seen have removable battery. Nevertheless it looks like a nice replacement for the BB Curve series of mid range phones.

  2. Orange

    sigh, why non removable battery? is it to differentiate it from the more expensive Q10? and at 8gb, is storage not expandable too?

  3. nichi

    HTC CHACHA?? Clone???

  4. booboo

    Non-removable battery? Why? It’s a signature “reset” of BB phones – to remove battery.

  5. notabbfan

    Make it 5k or less and filipinos will consider it =)

    • DamuhongDukhaKa

      Mag chinaphone ka na lang. Tutal yun lang naman ang ka-level mo. PWE!

  6. superK

    dual sim ata sa India. hope dito din sa pilipinas


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