BlackBerry Z10 comes in either 3G or LTE in PH

We only learned about this little bit of detail last week after the official launch of the BlackBerry Z10 in the Philippines. Apparently, there are two different variants of the BlackBerry Z10 that were released in the Philippines — one has LTE and the other only has 3G/HSPA+.

We got our first loaner unit about 3 weeks ago and we reported that we were getting speeds of up to 28Mbps with LTE enabled. That unit came from Globe and was running on a Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon 1.5GHz dual-core Krait and Adreno 225 GPU.

During the media launch last week, we were also given another unit by BlackBerry (it was an honorarium to all of the hosts of @GeekyNights for live-streaming the event) and turns out the units did not have LTE at all.

This gave us the hint that another totally different variant was also being distributed in the Philippines — the one with Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 1.5GHz and PowerVR SGX 544 GPU. It uses an STE M5730 modem that supports HSPA+ and not LTE.

So we asked around why this is so and got some answers from various reliable sources:

  • The units distributed directly by BlackBerry in the Philippines is the non-LTE version (TI OMAP 4470) which is what you will see and get in official retail stores.
  • Globe separately/directly ordered their own units that came with the LTE modem (Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon).
  • Smart and Sun Cellular ordered their own batch but those were the non-LTE versions (TI OMAP).

The BlackBerry Z10 is actually free on Smart All-In Plan 1800 (30 months) and Sun is also offering the same at Plan 1799 with unli-data. Globe also offers the BB Z10 free on Plan 1799 (30 months or with Php4,800 cash-out for 24 months).

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    • I think you misconstrued the context of the article.

      It is about how many variants of the BB Z10 were distributed in the Philippines. We will only know it once it lands in the country, not before.

      Btw, there are actually 4 variants that exist, but only two were distributed in the country.

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    • You sure? Isa ka pang tonta! Alam ko to before pa that’s why lte version ang z10 ko ngayon. Wala akong dapat ipasalamat. Pwe!

    • gabriel07

      Ang mga taong nagbabasa dto hindi lahat alam ang information tungkol sa isang bagay kagaya ko hindi ko alam eto kaya nagppasalamat ako kc may yugatech pero kung alam mo na ung mga pinagsusulat dto tumahimik ka nlang at kung alam mo na lahat ang issulat dto eh masasabi ko. TONTA ka sa iba hehehe…

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  4. I’m sure Abe knows about the 2 variants of the Z10. I think the context of this article is about distribution of the 2 variants in PH and not the existence of it.

  5. imo mahirap gamitin ang bb 10 os. nakakalito hindi sya intuitive. sinubukan ko sa globe center. hindi ako maka balik sa homescreen. saka screen sya kulang sa brightness. wala panama sa screen ng iphone, htc or lg even sony (did not mention samsung. panget sakin screen nila kulang din sa brightness)

    unsolicited advice, mag ios na lang kayo or android.

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      the more and longer that you use it the easier it gets. patience is a virtue. ;-)

    • laki ng bezel ng z10, ang panget tignan.

      saka mahirap tlga gamitin ang os nila. my learning curve, hindi gaya ng android or iOS= isang tingin lang alam mo na kagad.

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  9. Blackberry has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to capturing the smartphone market. I tried the Z10 demo unit at the Globe store in Robinson’s Manila and I did find it difficult to use at first (I’m a Torch 9860 user) but I eventually got the hang of it. It’s not that difficult to navigate after all. The predictive keyboard was awesome!

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