Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1

Last month, Starmobile unveiled the Diamond X1 which is the company’s first Android smartphone to sport an octa-core CPU. And just this afternoon, Cherry Mobile also unveiled their own in the form of the Cosmos Z2. Let’s pit them against each other to find out which looks better on paper.

cosmosz2 vs diamondx1 specs

Based on the specs listed above the Diamond X1 wins in terms of display size at 6-inches compared to the Cosmos Z2’s 5-inches. However, the Cosmos Z2 has the advantage when it comes to resolution with its full HD display and 440ppi pixel density. The Diamond X1, on the other hand has HD resolution at 245ppi.

Both devices sport their own screen protection. The Z2 has Dragontrail Glass which we know to be really tough when it comes to scratches. Meanwhile, the X1 has an undisclosed scratch-resistant coating laid on top of its display.

In terms of storage capacity, the Z2 packs a larger 16GB compared to the X1’s 8GB. Both have support for microSD cards for up to 64GB.

Battery capacity is also different on both devices, the X1 has a larger capacity at 2,300mAh compared to the 2,000mAh on the Z2. Do note that the X1 has a larger display but with a lower resolution. While the Z2 has a smaller display but with a much higher resolution.

When it comes to added features, the Z2 has USB OTG while the X1 has two Yamaha 1420 speakers. The X1, considering its size, sports a thinner body at 7.0mm compared to the 7.5mm body of the Z2.

And lastly, for the price, the Z2 carries a much smaller price tag at Php12,999 compared to the X1’s Php13,990. That’s a Php1k difference.

At this point, it’s unfair to conclude which is the better octa-core smartphone without reviewing them first, so we’re looking forward to testing these units ourselves. For now, feel free to chime in and tell us which smartphone you think is the better choice – the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 or the Starmobile Diamond X1?

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  1. Alin kaya mas ok na pang watch ng movie?

  2. abuzalzal

    The pattern seems to repeat itself, every fucking now and then

    Magpo-promote ang SM, kung anu-anong teaser advert etc., tapos pag malapit na ilabas ang product, Boooooom!!! Maglalabas na ang CM ng cheaper, better-spec’d device (at least on paper)

    Parang tanga lang ang SM :-)

    Having said that, I honestly think na magsasayang ka pa rin ng pera kahit na yung CM ang piliin mo…

    Antayin na lang hanggang ma-improve ang battery

    • katykatz

      I’ve read some of your comments and you always put on negative ones. Why not just read the fucking article then and exit when you’re done. Honestly you’re not helping anyone here. Obviously, you just want to flaunt your know-how about tech shit but honestly you’re not convincing either. So why don’t you just fly away somewhere and put your sick ass in a cave along with your stupid brain.

  3. Oist! Ang bobo mo.. Doon ka na lang manood sa tv mong bulok.. Baka masira pa yong mata mo sa liit nito.. Okey?

  4. thl_fantard

    Why thl t100 is not included. Mas maganda specs nun kumpara sa dalawang yan.

    Other review/unbox sites have articles about that phone.

    • abuzalzal

      Keyword : Padulas



    • Ex-Alodian Knight

      Because people don’t know good taste so they don’t know some third-rate brand called THL.

  5. Magaling at mahusay ang “CHINA” Cherry Mobile sa ads at promotions. Kayang-kaya nila kumuha ng may pangalang endorsers.

  6. Hindi ba lugi naman sa battery kung ganyan na kabilis ang processor? I think dapat 3000mAh na ang battery ng mga ganyang klaseng phones

  7. Amazing how people judge the fucking smartphone even without using it! Sure, an octa-core CPU will melt the 2000mAh battery on paper but we’ll definitely see that if that’s really the case once a review is made. Just wait for the written review and we’ll talk.

  8. Rolito Ursal

    Almost same specs.

  9. wow panalo ang CM.
    pero mahal pa rin. 7k patulan nyo ba?

  10. Joseph Shady

    Nice move Cherry, pero mukhang pahirapan nanaman sa pagkuha nyan sa Stores nyo. Worst, pahirapan pumila sa service center. Ayusin nyu muna service nyo. Mas ok pa si Myphone

  11. Mark Dolis

    Wala namang stocks! Sana hindi nalang nag announce ng release date anu ba yan!

  12. edsil gayboy

    Fuck you amputa naman ng battery ng mga phones na yan puta !

  13. Pastilan

    On paper, either of the phones are winners. But the true criteria for a winning position is the “availability”. Cherry mobile wins. Units have arrived yesterday here in cagayan de oro and will be on shelves by today February 7, 2014. The SM X1 has yet released their unit to the market.

    • unknown

      are there any stocks of cosmos z2 in cdo? im planning to buy one there

  14. On paper I’d agree that the difference is marginal. Unless it’s a huge of a deal to get fHD then the Cherry wins. i’m voting for the StarMobile model since more of a tablet user. I love the big screen. I’m getting this thing online soon.

  15. LokoMoko101

    Parehong China, Parehong Specs., parehong wala o tagal ng upgrade, parehong pahirapan sa service center kapag nasisira. Ikaw ano pipiliin mo at ano ang basihan kung bakit isa sa kanila ang pipiliin mo? Ikaw lang nakakaalam dahil ang paggamit niyan naaayon sa uri ng trabaho at function at lifestyle mo.

  16. Sa mga ngsasabeng “CHINA” ang cherry at star mobile isa lng ang masasabe ko…BOBO!hahaha!
    Kung hate nyo ang cherry at star baket kayo ngaaksaya ng panahon magbasa ng article na to?wahaha!gago lng.Ano tinira nyo?


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