Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.2: Cheapest Android at Php5k

Cosmic Technologies is also coming out with what could be the cheapest Android smartphone in the Philippines, the Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.2. It’s the first Android phone to have a suggested retail price of under Php5,000.

And it’s a dual-SIM smartphone too running Android 2.2 Froyo. See poster below for full specs:

It’s interesting to note that the Eclipse used to refer to the WinMo line-up of Cherry Mobile. The Eclipse 2.2 is now on Android (the 2.2 suffix might refer to the Android version). It’s got 512MB of ROM and 256MB RAM and comes with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3.2-inch screen and a 2MP camera.

The Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2.2 will have a retail price of Php4,999 and should be available in stores soon.

On a side note, we’re giving away that Cherry Mobile Cosmo here.

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  1. this phone sucks. i cant play interactive games. the touch screen is nto accurate. bluetooth has issues. and wifi is worst because of its very low receiving signal. no 3G. drains battery fast. cannot be upgraded to latest android versions…. stupid phone

  2. Its cheap because it is disposable man. Who you fooling with?. By the time the battery worn out it is going to the trash can. I bet you are a person without conscience!


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