Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
Cherry Mobile Flare to get Jellybean update on June 1

Cherry Mobile Flare to get Jellybean update on June 1

Dubbed as the “dual-core ng bayan”, the CM Flare is going to receive some Jellybean treatment on June 1. The update will only be done through their service centers nationwide since there is no OTA download just yet.

flare update

It is very likely that this will be Android 4.1 only, and not 4.2 as several Flares are running it already. It would be great if we had 4.2 however. After all, the new set of Cherry Mobile phones, the Flare 2.0 included, packs Android 4.2.

By the way, Cherry Mobile advises you to bring your warranty card and your official receipt; also, don’t forget to back up your data.

It’s not OTA, but we think it’s a step in the right direction that local brands are updating their earlier phones. If you receive the update any time soon, feel free to tell us what you think down below.


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  1. wow.. sana meron dn sa mP.. hehe

  2. Anong sense nang warranty card at receipt, eh wala pa naman 1 yr ang mga devices na ito (Flare). This year lang naman lumabas ito di ba? and cherry mobile ang brand nito ibigsabihin, nanggaling sa chery mobile mismo. kahit used units, binili lang din sa cherry mobile.

  3. I strongly advise all those Flare users out there to stay away from Jellybean. We all know that Jellybean is a smoother version compared to ICS but all that smoothness comes with a cost: RAM usage. Jellybean is known to use at least 300 MB of RAM by default and putting Jellybean isn’t a good idea on a smartphone with 512 MB of RAM.

    Jellybean will just rape Flare’s 512 MB of RAM and multitasking will surely suffer.

    • @geek

      hoy! wag kang gagamit ng salitang “rape”. ayusin mo gagamitin mong word.

    • oh, i almost forgot that the word you “said” has caused quite a stir about that particular comedian. sorry about that! let’s just change that “word” into “eat”.

    • CM titan runs better on jellybean and Ram usage is almost the same as ICS version. it has 512mb ram also.

    • darius

      we will see. Got my titan updated to JB, it runs fast yes kaso whenever i try to multi task pag switch ko ng app mag close na yung app sa background. d kaya ng RAM.

    • geek bobo

      oh shut up geek your grammatically incorrect

    • dummy

      @geek bobo it seems like you’re the one who’s grammatically incorrect. FYI, there is a huge difference between “YOUR” and “YOU’RE”.

  4. jayson

    Waaa nawala ko ung warranty card and receipt. pano po gagawin ko? :(

  5. jayson

    Wa nawala ko ung warranty card and receipt. pano po gagawin ko? :(

  6. silverize

    better wait for a couple of week first.. usually new roms will have a lot of bugs that you will be dealing with gaya nang stock rom nung first na elunch itong cm flare…

    maganda nga sana kung kasama sa update yung fix sa multi touch point ng flare.

  7. ok sana 2 kaso mas gs2 ko nlng maghintay ng mga custom roms for 4.1 macucustomize nmn ng mga programmers natin un eh.. it will be posted dn sa mga susunod na weeks…

  8. damn cherry mobile! bkit wlng OTA??? ano p sense ng moto nyo n “we value your lifestyle” if pipilitin nyong mgsipuntahan s mga center nyong pgka llayo ung customers nyo???

    hindi lhat mlapit s service centers at my time n pumunta dun.

    • Tebats

      Walang budget si CM kaya di kaya ang OTA. Atleast they’re trying.

  9. wilson pasana

    Pwede rin ba sa Graphics magpa update ng CM flare?? Sa graphics ko kasi nabili ang phone ko..

  10. magtanong lang sana…ang mga CM phones ba (flare and flame 2.0 respectively) ay ma Ro-root ba? thanks sa help.

  11. james ryan

    Eh ang CM hyper?kaya ba??


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