Cherry Mobile Trident is a Triple SIM phone

Cherry Mobile has a new phone that’s capable of handling 3 SIM cards at the same time called the Trident (Q300). Yes, this is probably the first triple-SIM phone to be marketed in the Philippines — and it’s got a TV tuner too.

Designed to look like a cross between the Nokia E72 and the BlackBerry Curve, Cherry Mobile’s Trident phone was launched just last week (July 1) with a suggested retail price of Php6,450.

Cherry Mobile Q300 Trident

* Triple SIM, Triple Standby
* Quad Band GSM
* 2.46” TFT LCD
* 2MP camera
* WiFi
* Analog TV with Record
* FM Radio with Record
* up to 4GB on microSD
* Bluetooth

It’s got an optical trackpad too, just like the ones from BlackBerry. All 3 SIM cards are active but only two are MMS-capable and can connect to GPRS. Not sure what the battery life would be like though {via PTB}.

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  1. It’s a practical phone if you’re using 3 sim cards. I’m using:
    1. Sun
    2. Globe
    3. PLDT LL

    I’m not sure if it’s built like this or if it’s malfunctioning, I got this late December 2010:
    1. Sometimes pressing and holding the unlock key won’t unlock, so you gotta do that a lot.
    2. Sim3 doesn’t have call settings unlike sim1 and sim2, so whatever sim you’re using in sim3, you CANT toggle:
    – call waiting
    – call divert
    – call barring

    Other issues with sim slot 3:
    1. You can’t use phone memory for storing messages received from sim slot 3, so if your sim has a maximum capacity of 25 messages, you gotta keep deleting after receiving 25 messages. Sim 1 and 2 each is given a 1000 message capacity.
    2. I tried putting in PLDT LL in sim slot 3, and instead of registering as pldt ll+, it registers as smart, okay that’s fine I guess but when people try calling that pldt ll number, I don’t get a ring, I’m not notified. I wouldn’t know who’s calling and when the call happened until they call me on my other numbers. Outgoing calls still work. If you put the pldt ll on sim slot 1 or sim slot 2, it does ring and it does register as pldt ll+. I could do it that way but I get a lot of messages on my other sims (globe and sun) and so i have to start deleting messages after the 25th message if placed in sim slot 3.
    3. Changing Touch-pad sensitivity settings doesnt make a difference with sensitivity, sometimes itll respond to finger movement, sometimes it wont, so i use the volume keys which also act as an up or down button on some menus.
    4. If you plug in earphones without a built-in Mic and you get a ring from someone and answer it, call would end and the person calling you would think you’re rejecting the call. im guessing the phone is looking for a built-in mic on that earphone and when it detects no mic, it drops the call. Why am i using earphones not included in the box? well because the earphones I use are better in terms of sound quality, I use it for the mp3s I put into the phone.
    5. Pressing sim 2 button goes to the main menu. There is already a button for that, so there are 2 buttons going to the main menu while sim 1 and sim 3 button goes to their call history.
    6. Browsing capabilities are very limited, but hey least you get to use WiFi right?
    7. I’ve had issues wherein I have to press hands-free twice just activate that feature.
    8. Battery doesn’t last too long. Probably why they include an extra battery in the box.

    What I like about the phone:
    1. 3 sim cards obviously.
    2. It’s cheap. Even though it feels like it can break any minute, it’s still cheap.
    3. You can use regular earphones for this.
    4. 8GB support, good for mp3s.
    5. Has a built in TV tuner. I never get good reception, so i really dont use it.
    6. Has a button on the side that activates a voice recorder, so if you need that feature quickly, its just 1 press away. I’ve used it many times.
    7. qwerty keypad.
    8. dual camera with mini lighting. I’ve used it once, for testing.

  2. hi,i just want to know if this phone is nice or not.if it’s worth to buy orn ot,i neeeed to know!!!!i need to know if the camera works nice..if the battery lasts long and if the UI is nice.thanks

  3. di daw maganda ito , kasi minsan di nakaka recieve ng messages , hindi rin malinaw ang camera .

  4. ang galing

    Haha nakakatuwa talaga service ng cherry mobile ^__^, una ung q300 trident ko ayaw mag on, so dinala ko sya sa HQ sa roxas boulevard, edi inayos nila at pinalitan ung motherboard. Matapos mapalitan ang matherboard napansin ko na ung ipinalit ay gamit na dahil may mga laman pa ang message at phonebook, ayos lang sakin un kasi mukha namang walang problema, kaso matapos ang 3 araw ung keypad biglang ayaw ng gumana, sa sarili kong observasyon, kapag pinatay ng matagal ung unit at binuksan uli gagana ung keypad pero mawawala uli. Ibinalik ko ang unit sa HQ at dinulog nga ang aking problema, tuwing sabado lang ako nakakapunta sa HQ nila dahil sa aking trabaho kaya ISANG LINGGO kong iniwan ung unit sa kanila. Pag balik ko at kinuha yung unit ok na “DAW”. Tinanong ko kung may pinalitang pyesa at ang sabi ay wala, nung ginamit ko yung unit napansin ko na andun pa din ung mga lumang data, ibig sabihin di rin ginalaw ung software. ISANG LINGGO sa kanila yung unit tapos DI MANLANG NILA GINALAW? MAKITA LANG NILA NA GUMANA OK NA? DI MANLANG INOBSERBAHAN? Sinabi ko na nuon na kapag pinatay ng matagal at biuksan uli gagana ung keypad pero saglit, sabi nung CSR inobserbahan naman daw, pero dahil halfday lang sila nun at 11am nako nakapunta dun at binigay sakin ung phone ay 12:30, labasan nila, di ko na masyadong na-obserbahan sa HQ nila, pero pag uwi ko ANG GALING KASI UNG UNIT AYAW NA NAMAN GUMANA UNG KEYPAD, NAKAKATUWA TALAGA ANG CHERRY MOBILE. ISANG LINGGO SA KANILA UNG UNIT DI MANLANG GINALAW.

  5. MJ230708

    Cherry Mobile Phone is a Crappy phone… sa una lang sila magaling maganda yung mga unang labas ng cherry maganda ung quality… yung dumami ang demand dun na lumabas ang mga problema… gawa lang sila ng gawa di na natetesting for quality control.. hay magkapera lang…

  6. pierbelle

    hay nako.. maganda sana kasi 3 sim na.. kaso hindi ako makareceive ng msg on time sa sim3. at panay sya magoff and restart ulit na di ko naman nirerestart..

    • hay nako.. maganda sana kasi 3 sim na.. kaso hindi ako makareceive ng msg on time sa sim3. at panay sya magoff and restart ulit na di ko naman nirerestart..

  7. pierbelle

    @lalaki: hindi maganda ang camera.. kasi hindi sya mafreeze sa pagkuha ng picture.. blurry ang picture.. di mapicture ang moving bodies sa isang click..alien ang mkikita mo after..haha

    ang radio nman, no comment na lng khit sa centro ka pa nakatira..

  8. salesyr2011

    First Triple Sim Available in the Market!

    Trident (Q300) Cherry Mobile
    Almost Brand New
    With 3months Cherry Mobile warranty
    Triple Sim/ Triple Standby
    Quad Band GSM
    2.46” TFT LCD
    2 megapixel camera
    Document Viewer
    Analog TV with Record
    FM Radio with Record
    microSD support up to 4GB
    with free charger, 2 batteries, cellphone sleeve
    The Best Compact Cellphone; You’ll be able to EASILY manage all your 3 SIM CARDS.
    Contact: (02)861-7598/ 0928-216-0432

  9. Q300?? cp ku yan .

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