CloudFone announces octa-core Thrill 600FHD

CloudFone today introduces the arrival of its first-ever Full HD smartphone. The Thrill 600FHD comes with a 6-inch display reinforced with Dragontrail glass, an octa-core processor, and 3000mAh of battery. Read more of its specifications after the jump.

CloudFone Thrill 600FHD (1)

CloudFone Thrill 600FHD specs:
6-inch IPS OGS display @ 1920 x 1080 resolution
Dragontrail glass
1.7GHz MediaTek octa-core processor
32GB storage
13MP rear camera with LED flash
8MP front camera
3000mAh battery

What its OGS (One-Glass Solution) technology basically does is eliminate the space between the display and touchscreen. It makes the screen pop out more which makes for a more enjoyable navigation. Partnered with the scratch-resistant Dragontrail glass, users will get an eye-popping and tough Full HD screen.

CloudFone Thrill 600FHD


The CloudFone Thrill 600FHD will be available for purchase this August. Stay tuned as we’ll update you once the pricing has been confirmed!


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  1. Smokescreen

    This looks interesting. However I am under the impression storage is not expandable via micro SD card.

    • With 32GB of storage, that becomes less of an issue.

    • Smokescreen

      Daniel Escasa – Not really. You can never have too much storage. I have an iPad and the 32GB version I bought is not enough.

    • YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). My 16GB card is only half-full, but then I have maybe only 200MB worth of videos there, could be even less. I do have maybe 6GB worth of music.

      Bottom line: some will find the absence of an SD card slot limiting, others (like moi) won’t

    • Smokescreen

      Well you know what they say…. Better to have it and not use it than not having enough when you need it. Which is generally true.

  2. this one should come in handy for those who are into games but don’t want to pay for costly branded ones.

  3. cross your fingers about the price

  4. ewpanez

    i bet 16k+ for the pricing

  5. we’ll have to cross our fingers on that.If ever this one should come out as 16k then we’re better off with an LG or a samsung!

  6. Sana 11k or below lang ‘to. :-)

  7. Ronal

    Batt life? Sayang no SD slot (if ever)… its a back up sort of thing even if you have 32gb internal memory. Nganga ka na lang pag nag-down ang phone mo and yung mga contacts, pics and videos mo wala sa memory card. Usually people are lazy or too busy to back up their data in a PC that is why SD card is very important.

  8. 1920×1080 Full HD,tapos 6-inch na octa core,sigurado laggy yan..

  9. kuroropk902

    cguro nasa 13k plus yng price nito. parang meron yata ito sd card slot.

  10. Bakit hanggang ngayon ay wala pa sa shelves itong cloudfone 600fhd??? Joke ba Ito?

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