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April 10, 2013

CM Titan to get Jellybean update

Cherry Mobile has posted a picture on their Facebook fan page announcing the arrival of the Jellybean update for the 5-inch Titan.

cm titan jb

As opposed to the usual process of updating a device’s firmware, Titan users are encouraged to drop by the nearest Cherry Mobile service center starting on 15th of this month in order for the update to be applied to their device.

Details of what the update will bring to the 5-inch smartphone remains scarce, but it’s safe to assume that it’ll have all the good stuff that Android Jellybean has to offer.

18 Responses to “CM Titan to get Jellybean update”

  1. voltesV says:

    Nauna pang magka jelly bean sa LG 4x ko..Good job sa CM..improving ^^

  2. Gian Austria says:

    Una BLAZE, sunod TITAN, sana sunod dito FLARE…para mas marami bumile…

  3. thecorrescode says:

    While cheapo and low class Cherry Mobile Phones gets updated with newer operating system, high-end Nokia and some Windows 7.5 phones won’t be updated to Windows 8. Worst, Windows 8 won’t be updated to whatever next version there is.

    • Jason Bourne says:

      pure speculation on windows 8, it may be upgradeable to windows blue in the future. you should instead compare this upgrade to thousands of android phones with dual core and 512 ram but are stuck with gingerbread or with buggy ics (ex. Xperia 2011 phones)

    • Grumphus says:

      The Cherry Mobile Titan was released in late 2012 during a time when most “high-end” phones had Jelly Bean out of the box. Cherry Mobile Titan should have had Jelly Bean out of the box as well and now it is getting an update but it isn’t Jelly Bean 4.2. What is worse is that this update isn’t over the air. Though I understand Cherry Mobile may not have the funds to provide bandwidth for their userbase.

      Some Windows 7.5 should get the 7.8 update and it is unfair to compare those to the Titan as phones like Lumia 900 were released in early 2012. Existing Windows Phone 8 devices should have more updates since they shifted to the NT kernel.

      I’ll just give Cherry Mobile credit for actually providing an update where others like MyPhone and O+ are unable to do that.

    • Epstein says:

      Wow! You can see the future?!

  4. Darius says:

    hope they update cherry mobile flare to jelly bean, too.

  5. Blitz says:

    Anong silbi ng jelly bean kung bulok na Cherry Mobile ang smartphone na gamit mo? Mura nga pero panatag ka ba? What a waste

    • yel says:

      kung makapagsalita ka naman wagas, bakit natry mo na ba? e compare mo price nya sa other phone na same price din, then sabihin mo kung cno mas mabilis. even samsung, china din naman. like my sgy..

    • Ron Rave says:

      Tama Ka yel meron akong Flame nakailang bagsak na di parin sira at hindi ito waste ng pera kahit 6299 ito specs ang binayaran at quality hindi yung brand name yunknOHw

    • Clarisse says:

      Bulok ang peys mo!!!

  6. Ron Rave says:

    Flame for Jelly Bean!!!!! xD

  7. Conner says:

    Cherry Mobile Titan ? :) Good job CM.. .. Let’s just be happy :)

  8. JK says:

    I’m loving my CM Titan!!! Maganda kaya, it’s worth it.

  9. JK says:

    For those people who are giving their negative feedback about CM, make sure you have tried it hindi yong nadinig nyo lang sa iba.

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