Anybody got in on the SGS2 Pre-order Promo?

Was meaning to write about the Samsung Galaxy S2 pre-order promo of Php26,990 around midnight last night but fell asleep before 7pm due to fatigue and lack of sleep from our Singapore coverage. So I totally missed it when I woke up this morning.

Samsung was doing a limited pre-order promo of the SGS2 starting 12:00 midnight last night until the 30th.

The pre-order price was Php26,990 plus some additional accessories worth Php3,000 more. By 7AM this morning, all 300 units were taken.

I actually did not expect the pre-orders to be out that fast. However, considering the price, I guess some enterprising people would get it and then just sell it later for a nice profit. A Php3k margin for just pre-ordering isn’t bad, eh?

Anybody here got in on the promo?

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  1. chacha

    look at the Game graphics power of the S2….

  2. I like samsung phones, the problem is, madali syang masira. I’ve had several samsung phones, pero good for 1 year lang, kaya heto blik ako sa nokia. Poor lang ako kaya c7 lang kaya ko, pero inaantay ko rin yun N9.

  3. Got this phone. I sooooooooo love this phone


    di na ako makahintay makaakyat ng baguio yung unit. so june 24 ng 4am, nagpa pre order na ako sa globe online. i was about to go to sleep na, pero after browsing bout galaxy s2, i happened to see pinoytechblog’s samsung preorder discount sale on july 2. registration was june 24-30. june 24 4am pa lang 200+ na ang reservations. buti nakahabol ako.

    same day that afternoon, tawag ng tawag globe di ko sinasagot.hehehe i would have been tied down to globe for 2 years. i feel bad sa mga nag pre order sa globe, june 27 na pero until now wala pa din ata silang unit na hawak. pinaasa lang sila

    • Again let me reiterate on why I am disgruntled by the “preorder” process of Globe.

      Aside from making us wait for the confirmation call which was said to be within 24 to 48 hours that turned out to be 1 whole week of waiting without any updates whatsoever, we were greeted by a text message today saying that our “preorders” are approved but they have no stocks available.

      We preordered as far as June 18 to hopefully reserve a unit for the launch. We weren’t gunning to get the phone ahead of launch though that would be sweet too. All we wanted was to have a reserved unit on Globe’s launch date on which June 27 was the indicated date. We preordered because we know the stocks would be limited. Now, Globe is telling us that they ran out of stocks? To add insult to injury some who dropped by yesterday at Glorietta had bought the unit without any preorders/reservation, and their sales representative keeps on advertising that it’s now (June 27) available on selected Globe Business Stores in Metro Manila pero kami na nagpreorder walang stock para sa amin?

  5. This is available all over the sm north edsa.marami n nakbili ako kahapon bumili na limited stock lang

  6. Is the pickup for the Phone at a samsung store? It justd gives the address in a mall. I can’t find any info of a samsung store in the mall. Please help i need to pick this up tomorow and i’m from out of town

  7. Cliff Rosario

    Globe already delivered my SGS2 handset yesterday.
    Weird though that some folks are complaining about the way the process was handled. Globe’s online team that handled my order followed up with me consistently last week by phone calls and I receive a phone call last Wednesday to inform me that somebody will be arriving to deliver my handset between 10a-5pm but they actually came 9am yesterday…
    Right now I’m happy with it.. and it’s uber light.. ridiculously light.. it doesn’t really feel cheap.. this is coming from someone who have an iPhone4 as a primary handset..
    I don’t feel the HSPA+ though.. it’s at par with how my iPhone4 HSDPA connection is even if I tether to my laptop.. 2.5mbps at average..

  8. hi.. i got the SGS2 and i’m loving it so much! :)


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