Estar Takee 1 could be the first holographic smartphone

There are a lot of smartphones that catch our attention because of unusual features, and the Estar Takee 1 is the newest entry on the list. It claims to be the world’s first holographic smartphone – exactly like the devices we usually see in movies.


Estar Takee 1 known specs:
5.5-inch Full HD display @ 1920 x 1080 resolution
2GHz MediaTek octa-core processor
64GB internal storage
Available in black and white
Wrapped in 18k gold (variant)

Their video explains that the smartphone produces holographic images and uses four front-facing cameras to track the movement of the eyes for visual optimization. This should sound familiar to some of you since Amazon’s Fire Phone utilizes the same technology for creating 3D effects on the screen. If this is indeed the case, we think the holographic image popping out of the display is enjoyed only by the owner of the phone as other people in different viewing angles may see a different image.

In addition, hand gestures are also recognized by the cameras making playing games and manipulating images using your fingers possible. We’re still a bit sceptical on the claimed features of the Takee 1 until we see a raw demonstration of it. But if this technology indeed exists, we can finally send holographic messages to our friends a la Princess Leia in Star Wars.

"Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope."
“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

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  1. archie

    So they created a device that can project holograms but you still have to hold a large gadget. Very practical indeed.

  2. Azardo Talodo

    Yung Samsung Galaxy Beam. Magiging maganda kung 3D ang nasa projection.

  3. amoyClorox

    Wow ano cnb ng iPhone dto haha cant wait for this!…

  4. easy e

    Hoax. Fake. Unless there is a medium on top of (in front of) the screen, light can’t be reflected or bent. They haven’t explained the technology behind the holographic “display”. On the other hand, more than one camera facing a single direction can sense the depth of an object so it can capture 3D image, but NOT for holographic display. Unless there are at least three cameras separated by 120degrees pointing to a common subject, then the images can form a digital composite of a holographic image. You cannot put everything what is needed for holographic capture and display on a smartphone. I am interested to know their technology. Maybe they have another approach to this.

    • easy e

      Watched the video again. If what they’re saying is true, they should call it “enhanced 3D” and not hologram. On their “methodology”, it is shown that eye should be front facing (eye sight normal to) the phone screen so that the user’s eyes can be tracked (because that the most importatn thing according to them). But in the supposedly “demo”, the phone is now at an angle (approaching 90 degrees with respect to the normal – phone is placed on top of the table). In this viewing angle, the images are displayed on top of the screen and the actual phone screen is not anymore at the background of the holographic image. So fake. April 1 ba ngayun?

    • talaga?

      may lalabas na puting usok
      yun ang gamitin niya para ma project ang 3d image
      nakalimutan niya lang sabihin na “for smokers only” ang phone na eto.

      …tingin ko lang

    • talaga?

      wala din siyang sinabi na hindi ka na gagamit ng 3D glasses, 1 of the catch

  5. omar1234ph


    hindi eto sisikat sa mga ilokano-speaking provinces. I can imagine it now: ano ang cellphone mo? TAKEE!

    (takee in ilokano means sh!t)

  6. Made by Ben Affleck?

  7. san ba to mabibili bukod sa online…. wala kasi akong cc at paypal para umorder… or kung meron kayo swap ko nlng zenfone 5 ko…

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