Facebook Home announced, along with HTC First

We guess we were right when we said Facebook will launch a new Android UI/launcher, and it’s now official. Facebook Home aims to replace your Android’s homescreen with an extremely Facebook integrated skin. On top of that, HTC announced the first phone to come with Home – HTC First.

Facebook boasts that from the lockscreen, you can see your friends’ status updates immediately. You can also see your notifications up on front, and you can chat with anyone without interrupting an open app; with just another swipe you can open all your installed apps, so don’t worry as it’ll still be there.


The first (heh) device to run Facebook home out-of-the-box is the HTC First – which will currently go to U.S. carrier AT&T ($99) and soon, Europe. It packs a 4.3-inch 720p display with a dual-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, LTE, Android 4.1 and a 5MP camera. We have no idea if it will ever reach Philippine shores as of the moment.

The phone & the app will be available on April 12, and the phones that may be able to run it are the HTC One, the HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. More phones will follow to be compatible with Facebook Home.

Would you replace your Android’s homescreen with this, or would you get a phone running Facebook’s UI all-around?

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  1. nahhh.. I’ll stick to my smartphone’s Nova Launcher Prime and NextLauncher… as for the social needs, my ultrabook serves it all perfectly. As for Facebook…. nice try.

  2. Patrick Gorospe

    Now that’s too much.

  3. Windows Phone’s People Hub is better

    • you’re an idiot saying that “it’s better” when you haven’t experienced “Facebook Home” on the first place.

  4. Perfect for Facebook addicts.

    Now those addicts would have less time interacting with the real world, they would just be stuck looking on a 4 inch screen.

  5. thecorrescode

    Sabi na eh, repost article na naman. What do you expect from Bob Freking…

    • Internet content revolves around rewritten articles. It’s ethical for someone to “link” on the original site where he/she gets the information from. If you check engadget/gizmodo/etc you’ll see that their contents are almost similar. They were just rewritten. You’re not ready for the internet yet GTFO

  6. Sobrang tagal nako reader ng Yugatech. Naeenjoy ko siya kasi nakakabasa ako ng mga articles na hindi ko nakikita sa international blogs. Yung masasabi mo talagang gawang pinoy talaga. Until dumating tong freking nerd na to, sinira/sinisira niya ang kredibilidad ng Yugatech. Etong founder naman kinokonsinti pa tong bata nato. Tsk.

  7. yung facebook for android LAGI NAGCCRASH. ETO PA KAYA?!?! :)))))))))))))))))

  8. carrie

    go Freking! more articles please. piss your haters of more. yaan mo silang magtae sa inggit! haha

    BTW, I think Facebook home will just make android phones shorten its battery life even more.

  9. Nabasa ko sa mga analyst pag pumatok tong launcher na to baka matamaan ang revenue ng google.

    Siyempre instead na gumamit ka pa ng ibang google apps/services eh ang launcher mo facebook na so dun na lahat – messaging, photos, videos.

    eventually may mga ads na lalabas sa home screen mo then sa facebook na revenue nun instead sa google.

    Ano kayang gagawin ng google? interesting times guys.

    • Ads? tapos babagal phone mo? tapos ubos battery life? and also hindi ganyan kaganda image quality nyan maniwala ka. Madalas pixelated ang pics ng FB application.

      wala naman mawawala sa fb kung magflop yan dahil ung launcher madali lang gawin yan. di ka gagastos ng bongga jan.

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