Full Touch Screen vs. Full Qwerty

If I asked this question 3 years ago, I’m sure I’d get a majority of responses in favor of the full qwerty on mobile phones. But since the iPhone and the Android smartphones came to the scene, using full touchscreen doesn’t seem to as bad as before.

In fact, full touchscreen has a few advantages over full qwerty phones in some areas:

  • Full touchscreen phones enjoy bigger real estate screen since the virtual keyboard is included into the screen. Bigger screens are always better.
  • Web browsing on touchscreen phones feels more interactive and engaging with navigational features like swipe, pinch and other multi-touch gestures. Even the Swype technology was invented specifically for touchscreen.
  • Changes the way we see and enjoy gaming on the mobile phone.

Of course, full qwerty phones will always have the “physical” advantage over touchscreen phones.

Given all the smartphone options we have this year, would you still go for a full qwerty or a full touchscreen?

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  1. I prefer full QWERTY because it is more it last than a full touchscreen phone. The LCD of the full touchscreen is more expensive that is why I’d rather use the QWERTY one kasi mas matibay.

  2. lagi akong nagkakawrong send sa full touch, minsan confidential message nasend ko sa ibang tao hehe… and sometimes nag-lalag ung full touch,experience ko lang ha ewan ko sa iba, and nagpalit narin ako ng lcd screen protector kasi gasgas na sa kalyo kung daliri hehe.

  3. tj_mangki

    try composing a message using just one hand w/o looking at the screen of a full touch phone and you get the idea why i prefer physical QWERTY keypad :)

  4. @wavy it doesn’t really matter if Qwerty is last decade’s technology. It’s like Mouse vs. Touchpad. The mouse has been the technology for like four decades, and yet it’s more ergonomic.

    The disadvantage of a touchscreen phone for me is that you can’t type when you’re not looking at the screen. It’s ironic that you can do “touch” typing on a qwerty rather than a touch phone, if you know what I mean.

    Nonetheless, I adore the screen of a touchscreen. The input interface only appears when you have the need for it.

    But that’s just me.

  5. you can type faster in touchscreen phones compared to physical qwerty when using SWYPE :)

  6. For better results, I’d get a Motorola Droid nlng. You can either go full touch or full qwerty depending on your mood.

  7. seems like there’s a major major vote for qwerty than full touch screen…LOL

    as for myself,at first i want to have a touchscreen phone,but realizing that it is expensive for repair rather than qwerty, so i prefer qwerty phone,plus i find it more elegant compared to touchscreen…NOKIA E72, onti ipon pa,im going to own you soon!!!!

  8. parehas may advantage and disadvantage pra saken. s qwerty, ms mbilis mgtype, kc nkakapa mu yun mga letters,at malaki p ang screen, yun lng maliit ang keypad, mabigat pa ang phone, s touch nman, hndi pwde kapain mga letters, kya minsan sumasablay s pagta-type,lumiliit p ang screen, pero magaan at manipis ang phone. samsung wave phone ko, hanggang ngaun nahihirapan p dn ako mgtxt, nagkakamali kc ng letters. anyways, sanayan lng nman dn cguro…

  9. “Full touchscreen phones enjoy bigger real estate screen since the virtual keyboard is included into the screen. Bigger screens are always better.”

    How can it have bigger real estate if the virtual keyboard almost occupy 3/4 of the screen? Kailangan mo pa i-hide ung virtual keyboard para mabasa mo ung buong tinetext mo…

  10. Well for the past week since I got my Galaxy S (jumped from nokia 6300 :p)and comparing it with my brother’s phone (Nokia E72),I would like to point out 3 things about this:
    1. Physical vs. Virtual – As of now the physical keyboard is still king as compared to the virtual keypad, but with the rise of Swype it virtually removes the boundary of typing with big fingers (I too have big fingers)the only qualm in Swype is that pagtagalog ang gusto ko sabihin kelangan ko pa imanually type it for the first time so that maadd sa swype database ang tagalog word (hope some dev there who would like to incorporate Taglish as a Swype language :D).

    2. Interactivity – In this department, for me the Touchscreen phones rule here because of the gestures, and multitouch features, etc. opens up new things to experiment on the capabilities of touchscreen phones.

    3. “Full touchscreen phones enjoy bigger real estate screen since the virtual keyboard is included into the screen. Bigger screens are always better.” – it is true that touchscreen phones have bigger real estate, this statement should not be taken from the virtual keyboard itself but instead look at the other features it would provide (Increased viewing screen when watching movies, viewing websites and blogs are also a breeze since it also increases viewing size), another point is that touchscreens are also attract (brings the naiigno factor since people are curious to try it for the first time)

    But in the end it all comes down to preference, even though my brother likes my phone, he still prefers the BlackBerry Bold instead.

  11. Full touch screen is for early adapters who are more advanced users than others IMO.

  12. mr.bogusmobile

    question: full touchscreen o full qwerty?

    My answer is: full touchscreen kht na may kalakihan thumb ko bibili na lng ako ng stylus haha

    but for me both, im a web addict kya importante sa akin ang malaking screen. pero pag mag type na ako gusto nakatingin n lng ako sa screen “they called it TOUCH TYPIST” Kasi mas mabilis mag type. Sbhn na nating sanayan lng ang paggamit importante ay kung san k komportable. kaya i love nokia n900…

  13. My phones:
    E71 (keypad) – Unlimited texting, calling on sun. Type without looking. Lots of buttons that can serve as shortcuts. Nothing beats buttons with nearly definite commands. However, smaller screen to fit content.

    Galaxy S (touch) – everything else on globe with unlimited internet. Need to look while typing. Quite intuitive. Points for overall style. Swype roooocks.

    Verdict: each phone is maximized for what they’re best at. Keys for texting, touch for media.

    As a note of interest, i was on wifi with my e71 to comment here.

  14. with my e63 and bold 9700 syempre full qwerty keypad ako….

  15. Yung mga naka full qwerty ngayon pag may offer sa inyo ng swap with iphone or galaxy s kunwari, tatanggi kayo? eh yung mga naka touch din ngayon pag ma offer ng qwerty? Hahaha yun lang! Pag nangyari yan lahat naka touch! Lol

  16. get a Desire and an E72 para wala problema hehehe…

  17. BB Storm 2 – best of both worlds except for the touch typing. but hey, you don’t do touch typing every time you create a message right?

  18. For me personally, I prefer full qwerty and I like the feel of a physical keyboard rather than a virtual one. I always make mistakes when using touch screen keyboards when composing emails or texts.

  19. ive been using my iphone 3g for a year, and shift to BB curve for 8 months… but this two dont like me… so i downgrade to the traditional keypad…

    but i cant wait for the nokia x3 with traditional keypad and a large capacitive touch screen…

  20. Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro.

    I love the full qwerty. I do like the sleek appearance of pure touchscreen phones, I’ve used them exclusively since 2003 with the P800, but when optional qwerty was available on the P910 and P1, I was thankful for the addition.

    The problem with pure touchscreen vs qwerty thumb boards is that touch screens require you to look at where you’re typing. Thumbboards remove some (not all) visual interaction since your fingers can feel their positions. Less errors on a full qwerty, less need for spell check that automatically replaces words that wouldn’t have been misspelled in the first place.

    I’m currently on my iPad, and I still type faster on my X10 mini pro. I don’t type particularly fast, but bypassing the spellcheck really slows me down.

    I tried living with an iPhone… Couldn’t stand it. I had to look at my phone just to text, incredibly inefficient way to text, not to mention always having to watch out for the spell check and bypass it.

    T9 touch on the android phones is great as well, a pseudo compromise. Having only 10 keys makes typing a lot easier on a touchscreen. Less looking at the phone vs virtual qwerty. Allows for one handed use of your smartphone.

  21. well i suggest that all of you pips try the bb torch coz it has a physical qwerty keypad slider and is also a full touch screen…need i say more?


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