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June 01, 2011

Galaxy S2 selling for Php38k in Greenhills

Several units of the Samsung Galaxy S2 have been spotted in a number of phone stores in Greenhills this week, ahead of the anticipated launch this month. Gray market price ranges from Php38,000 to Php40,000.

And if you look at the boxes closely, you’ll see the 1.2GHz is indicated under the label.

The Php38k asking price is a good indication that the SGS2 might be affordable enough once it’s officially released in the Philippines since most gray market units are sold at 25% mark-up. We should be seeing a Php30k to Php32k SRP this June.

Incidentally, Samsung Philippines also sent us an email today with a press release stating that the SGS2 is coming soon (it’s a no-news release, really). Fortunately though, the release confirms that what they are bringing in would be the 1.2GHz and Super AMOLED Plus variant.

We posted our review of the Galaxy S2 here.

Hat tip to Raf Oca.

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77 Responses to “Galaxy S2 selling for Php38k in Greenhills”

  1. miki says:

    i have this galaxy s2 locked under sk telecom here in korea. is it possible to use it in Philippines? may naghahack/unlock na ba nito dyan? thanks..

  2. miki says:

    thanks for the reply and the link imitator101. my concern is korea is using the cdma network. even if i had manage to unlocked it from the carrier (sk telecom korea), you think the phone will work in philippine’s gsm network?

    • Imitator101 says:

      Ahhh thats a problem. CDMA won’t work here. In fact I saw some cellphone vendors selling CDMA phones for 9k (it was the HTC EVO 4G; should fetch around 24k) because it can’t be used here in the Philippines.

      Try selling it back in korea if you can.

  3. miki says:

    Thanks man.

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