Galaxy S2 vs. LG Optimus 2X vs. HTC Sensation

Having tested and reviewed all the 3 dual-core Android smartphones available locally, I think I can now share my personal thoughts on the three and lay down my verdict. Read my round-up of the Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. HTC Sensation vs. LG Optimus 2X after the jump.

The LG Optimus 2X got points for design and construction, gaming and price-point. It’s the most affordable among all the dual-core Android phones we reviewed (though not by much but still, thanks in part to LG, Samsung and HTC priced their handsets competitively). The Tegra 2 chipset did very well with games, especially the ones that maximized the NVidia platform (have to say it’s close to console quality graphics). The Android Froyo instead of Gingerbread is a bit of a downer though. See full review here.

The HTC Sensation got points for design and construction, huge screen and display resolution, UI, sound quality and video quality (1080p). With a suggested retail price pf Php31,990, it’s also the most expensive of the 3 handsets. See full review here.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 got points for form factor (thinnest and lightest), huge screen and display quality, photo and video quality as well as specs and performance. The plastic construction is somewhat of a shortcoming (though it was a factor in making the device very light) and the TouchWiz 4.0 UI, though improved, still needs some work. See full review here.

Benchmarks is not a be-all end-all in a handset but it is a factor. Unless you’re crunching numbers, encoding video and doing really heavy CPU-intensive work on your Android phone, there’s not much real-world difference with day-to-day experience. I’d compare it to playing WinAmp on a Intel Core i5 vs. Core i7 rig — they perform well enough not to have any noticeable difference.

What we’re looking for the top smartphone is a combination of great design (both hardware and UI) and construction, good performance and reasonable price-point.

Of the three, the Sensation has more flair, the Galaxy S2 has more muscle and the Optimus 2X is more pocket-friendly (especially when you got it for 50% off with their special promo).

For the most part (if we count the points), it’s a toss-up between the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation. The Sensation has a really good fighting chance as it is but if it matched the Php29,990 price of the Galaxy S2, that would have made it harder to compare (the Php2k difference isn’t much but it’s definitely a factor). The ones who will pick the Galaxy S2 are those who favor over-all performance while the ones who will pick the Sensation are those who prefer design and elegance.

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  1. These phones posses different features that makes them different to each other. It’s up to user if what answer his need.

  2. ang problem na nakikita ko sa HTC is un memory niya, masyado mababa.

    just got the SGS2 and I must say, sobrang sulit!

  3. itsmeagain

    With respect to your review –

    “Unless you’re crunching numbers, encoding video and doing really heavy CPU-intensive work on your Android phone”

    How can on do this anyway. Really for all the talk about these “smart phones”, they’re nothing but a phone/texting device with some pretty lame games. You cannot do anything decent with these things work wise. Let’s not kid ourselves. If I didnt have 30 odd thousand to blow, I’d buy a cheap phoneand a decent laptop.

    • @itsmeagain – I was actually doing video editing (via iMovie) on my iPhone 4 before I lost it. It was very efficient that I preferred using iMovie on the phone than the iMovie of my Macbook Air.

  4. klondyk

    how’s the plastic build? I got turned-off by it the 1st time i held the sgs2. Sobrang gaan pa, parang maganda sana kung mabigat-bigat konti. para kseng pag nahulog sira agad

  5. I love Samsung Galaxy S II most :D

  6. Good luck sa yellow tinting issue sa S2!

  7. SGS2 plastic build is light and sturdy. no guarantee if phone is heavier meaning it wont break depends how u drop it. its light on hand which is positive point since the phone is big atleast it wont strain the hand. sensation style ofcourse is there but screen clarity vote on sgs2. my 2 cents!

    • soduhwhatever

      Hmmm okay I agree but then I still love my HTC desire hd. It might be craziness heavy but it’s all good. Btw I dropped it several times already and it’s still perfectly working. =))

    • I still would go to SGS2. Phones aren’t designed to be thrown and let it fall. Its going to be part of your everyday life so just have to take care of it.

  8. TequilaRose

    are the demo units for galaxy s2 and htc sensation already avail at globe and smart respectively? If so, which branch?

  9. had my sgs2 for almost a month now and i have nothing to complain about.The speed is really great. The htc sensation is great but what turned me off is the 1gb internal memory so i suppose that can slow things down. As for style i really like the minimalistic approach of the sgs2 but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  10. sgs2 is always a winner

  11. gavinjameson

    first time q makita htc sensation na-inlove agad aq sa ichura! plus the fact that its the flagship phone haha lupet! not to mention the features and sa unang tingin mukang matibay pagkakagawa nonetheless pricey but so cool and elegant! actually when I saw other flagship smart phones like sgs2 lgoptimus 2x or even iphone 4 it didn’t even occur to me the thought of chosing them since I grew tired of brands that are popular.. saka samsung ambilis magpalit ng model!

  12. I have a SGS2 which I bought last July 4. It is blazing fast no matter how many apps I open. It has no yellow tint or any display issues. The Super AMOLED Plus is just the BEST display among smartphones today. Better than S-LCD, Reality Display and Retina Display.

  13. I am a proud owner of LG Optimus 2x. I bought it without any discounts. I also added 1500 for another 1yr. warranty. No problem with it. What I like about it? The Video recording, and of course gaming. Also contented regarding its physical appearance.

  14. dun ako sa LG Optimus 2x kse lupet sa gaming performance at ayus din ang camera at video recording . pwede pa multi-task kahit marami akong apps na nagru-run . ung design at style , simple lang . di kaylangan ng masyadong manipis o msyadong magaan , well meron din namang ganun charateristic ang LGO2x . so, i go for LG Optimus 2x . meron pa nga bagong labas ung LG Optimus 3D pero di ako mahilig sa 3D msakit sa mata .

  15. htc sensation prin ako kc pgdating sa htc sense ui nya ms mganda compair other androids. chaka prdting nman sa update ng software ng ibang android kramihan pipila pa sa service hndi tulad ng htc sensation tru your celphone puede kna mgupdate ng o.s na hindi nyo kailangan pmula sa service center at hghintay. maliit yung memory 1 gb pero my external 32 gb. kng pic at video lng yung isasave nyo sa external nlng ksa sa internal kc hindi safe mag save ng files sa internal kc baka mavirus ung phone nyo….tnx

  16. my SGS2 is beyond compare.. :)

  17. Performance is still important like the SGS2 can play 1080P Flash videos on youtube but the optimus 2x hirap up to 480p minsan then the camera of the sgs2 is the best amongst the three. Pati display.
    But optimus 2x now is way cheaper.

    It really depends on how much you want to pay.

    My problem with these phones is that they lose value so quickly that im hesitant to make a big investment on what would be essentially obsolete in just a few months.

    If only money grew on trees :)


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