Game of Phones: If Mobile Phones were Characters in Westeros!

Smartphone geek? Game of Thrones fan? Some of us from YugaTech seem to be both, and we connected the lines between the two. Say hello to Game of Phones: If Operating Systems were Characters in Westeros!


Click on image to enlarge (may contain spoilers)

From the richest and the premium, the market-disrupting smartphones from North of the Wall to an army building up from Essos holding the powers of PureView and a few dragons – we have you covered. A lot of things won’t perfectly fit as you’d expect, and a lot of houses aren’t to be found here, but these are the best similarities you can find (Stannis vs Renly, Samsung vs HTC).

Feel free to add and speak out the similarities and the differences that you can find down in the comments section down below. Hodor? Hodor.

Louie Diangson contributed to the infographic.

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  1. Says there “mobile OSes”. Then why is there more than one for Android. Ugh.

  2. Easy E

    ew. antaas lang ng expectations ko. excited pa akong basahin. kaya lang: ew.

  3. tyrion

    android os is comparable to daenerys targaryen..
    crushing every kingdom on its way to dominance..

  4. andrei

    nice interpretation. hopefully most readers here watch game of thrones

  5. ayus to! nice one

  6. i watch GOT not only bec of great story line. but urrrrgggg… the hot ladies :) Thumbs up if you agree :)

  7. Korny. Touchscreen destroyed QWERTY? Ano tawag mo sa QWERTY keyboard ng touchscreen mo Freking?

  8. weryou@

    How about House Tully and Highgarden?

  9. Robb Istark


  10. kkkkkkkkkkk

    the writing sucks


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