Google Nexus 6 reported to be LG-made once again

It seems that Google has enjoyed working with LG in producing its Nexus handsets. LG has been the company behind the last two Nexus phones we’ve seen and enjoyed, and now reports say that they’re once again partnering up with Google for the Nexus 6. Excited? So are we.


It is undeniable that the Google Nexus 5 captured the attention of many people with its balance of design, performance, and affordable price. If we’re going farther back in time, the Google Nexus 4 also performed very well and was reported to break the records in terms of sales and price to performance ratio. Point is, Google and LG have a good chemistry going on and it should be a good move for both parties to team up once again and continue their streak with the Nexus 6.

At this point no specs has been made official, but the Nexus 6 would allegedly be a ‘lightweight’ version of the upcoming LG G3. As rumors go the G3 would be carrying an octa-core Odin processor under a 5.5-inch QHD display, at least 3GB of RAM, and a 16MP shooter. Now as to what aspect of the Nexus 6 would get that ‘lightweight’ fix, is still a mystery.

So when is it coming out? According to the source, a Google executive mentioned the next-gen Nexus should be released in the second half of the year — which is just about the right timing since this year’s Google I/O event will be held in late June.

So far, everything is still unofficial. Just consider them a bit of a tease for you Nexus fans out there.

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  1. Article is well written. Good job!

    • Jejefrek

      I feel bad for freking dork :( siya lang dito walang sense ang sinusulat at higit sa lahat siya lang ang walang itsura hahahahaha!

    • @jejefrek i feel bad for you…kahit anung bash ang gawin mo d pa rin natatanggal c bob sa trabaho.which means magaling siya gumawa ng articles.

  2. Komento

    I think it’s time to give other OEMs a chance. A Sony Nexus 6 & an HTC Nexus 8, now that’s exciting.

  3. Easy E

    LG = Le Google
    Bibili pa lang ako ng nexus 5, may 6 na kaagad? Pwede bang minor upgrade muna? Ay sana worldwide, mura ang nexus phone. Kailangan ko pa magpabili sa u.s. Para lang makabili. Phone cost + tax + shipping. May tax nga ba?

    • Heckler

      diba nga sony na nagsabi na talagang every 6 months meron silang ilalabas na Flagship. so normal lang yon. Matagal lang maglabas dito sa PH kaya akala ng iba bago lang pero sa totoo lang, 2-3 months nang lumabas sa ibang bansa.

  4. Sino kay magiging celeb model nyan sa pinas?
    baka si vic sotto

  5. hopefully they don’t make the screen to big. Even stay with the same 5″ screen as long as they increase the battery capacity and improve the quality of the camera. Excited to see what LG and Google will come up with this July. :)

  6. jabroni

    akala ko ba hindi muna gagawa ng nexus phone ang google at naapektuhan ang sales ng ibang manufacturers? tska diba sabi rin ng google na gagawa na lang ng google edition ung mga manufacturers (ex. HTC One at Galaxy S4 google play edition) ….hinihintay ko pa naman sana ung google version phone ng SONY…tsk!!

  7. Verbl Kint

    “So when is it coming out? According to the source, a Google executive mentioned the next-gen Nexus should be released in the second half of the year — which is just about the right timing since this year’s Google I/O event will be held in late June.”

    First off, June is NOT in the second half of the year. Secondly, this flies in the face of release dates for previous Nexus phones, which happened in November.

    You might want to ratchet up your editorial efforts.

  8. They might launch it together with their yearly I/O event. i would have thought Google would use Motorola for the Nexus lineup but apparently got sold off to lenovo.

    Why not increase the resolution to fHD???

    • evollove

      QHD with a capital Q means Quad-HD (2560×1440) or 2K, not quarter-HD (960×540). Sad to see the trend with flagships going past 5.0-inches though. And I doubt the naked eye would be able to tell the difference between Full HD and this. Display technology with emphasis on color reproduction and outdoor legibility is where it’s at. AMOLEDs vs TFTs vs IPS+ or whatever shit the manufacturer’s put in.

  9. Rockafella

    This is gonna be an epic phone! Another contender for smartphone of the year.

    Malamang matututwa si Abuzalzal nito ang nipis ng bezel o hahaha

  10. Just improve the battery at least 24 hours of heavy usage, make the screen more vivid retaining size, improve the camera and add radio feature, you got yourself a winner!

  11. Summer

    There’s no such thing as Nexus 6. It’s a Nexus 5 (2015).

  12. The next nexus after this one would be the dubbed as the Nexus X and it will be made by Nokia.
    Just wait for the Nokia Nexus X next year.

  13. Are you sure that it will launch by LG as I have seen on one of the blogs that Nexus 6 will launch in partnership with Lenovo.So,who is correct?

  14. I have been a fan of Google Nexus, and I just can’t wait what Nexus 6 has in store for us. Well, the collaboration of Google and LG for Nexus 5 was really a smash hit and there’s no other way for Nexus 6 but to beat that.

  15. I hope lg will launch new nexus device it will better for its fan because nexus 4 and 5 still done well.

  16. Hey, Friend
    I think Google Nexus6 will be launched by Google itself.I read the blog on gsmarena and they said google officially announced that Nexus s6 will be launched by them.
    I personally wanted LG to launch This device but can’t do anything.

  17. Google has declared that Nexus 6 would be launched soon. Now nexus phone lovers can hold this phone by the end of the year. i got every rumors and information about the phone on

  18. I am also excited to hold this nexus phone. I know that the company will launch this device with high end specifications. I have been bored now with my Nexus 5 but the wait will be over soon.

  19. Everyone is excited to get this phone but I thinks rumors are rumors that will not be seen in Nexus 6. Google always has done creative but this time, I am waiting to see that creativity.

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