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January 30, 2010

Google Nexus One vs. HTC Touch HD2

Let’s take a quick poll and let’s just based all that on the looks for the meantime. We got on our hands the Google Nexus One and the HTC Touch HD2. Two gorgeous smartphones but which one draws the a second look?

Both devices are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1GHz processor. Really the main difference between the two is Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android OS 2.1 (the HTC HD2 is ready for WinMo 7.0) but it’s fairly safe to say that WinMo fans and Android fans are divided in the middle (so, try to write off the OS for a moment here).

So I ask you — if looks could kill, which of the two will slice you like a samurai?

We’re not going to do a proper poll anymore, just hit the comment button below.

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76 Responses to “Google Nexus One vs. HTC Touch HD2”

  1. zaxx says:

    I like hd2

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  2. zaxx says:

    Htc hd2

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  3. The Teknisyan
    Twitter: Teknisyan

    HTC Engineering ^Google Engineering = Nexus One! ;)

    Hope I got my math right!! hehehe…

  4. solaris says:

    winmo 6.5 vs elcair? give me a break…nexus one all the way.

    this is not even a fair comparison in my opinion. someone port elcair to HD2 already.

  5. Tey Aragon says:

    The HTC Touch HD2 looks very sexy. But I’d love
    Android on it, WinMo is practical but clunky.

  6. HD2 is sexy but given the screen size, i doubt the battery performance of that.

    i would say i am in favor of HD2 but given the constraints i have in budget, i am for nexus one. almost same specs except for the screen and os. though i heard nexus one has a poor battery life.

  7. zplits
    Twitter: whatsthelatest

    Google Nexus One. But i’ve heard some news that many people complain about it. Maybe because they are still new in the mobile phone world.

    You can expect that they’ll be some bugs or problems in the cellphone. But let’s give Google a chance. After all, they’ve contributed a lot in the digital world.

  8. rain says:

    how much is the nexus one and where can I buy it here in the Phils?

  9. Alfredkoh says:

    HTC Touch HD2!!!
    The trackball? Mayb.

  10. Nguyen says:

    I love Nexus One. When can I buy in Europe?

  11. Mr X says:

    I hve recently purcnahsed an HD2 and should receive it on Tuesday. I think it’s worth buying because of the release of Windows 7 OS. Additionally, the developers on XDA will be porting a fully functional version of Android 3.2 sometime in the near future i hope. They have already managed to have most of the functionality of the Android OS working on the HD already.

  12. Mr X says:

    Correction… i meant Android 2.1, not 3.2… was a typo ;P

  13. David Rietz says:

    I myself have owned both phones, HD2 has better feel and weight, Nexus One is very top heavy. HD2 is WM7 ready so that might be something to look into, Android is just to plain right now for me. HTC did an awesome job on the sense ui on the HD2, plus this thing is a rocket ship with moving screen to screen and apps.

  14. Sunofa says:

    Wait, i thought that winmo 7 is not is not applicable for hd2? something about the layout of the hardware buttons…

  15. achter says:

    Guys over at xda dev are working on making the HD2 dual boot (winmo+android). awesome. :D

  16. Mhackrocks24 says:

    HD2 for me.. It is so fast and the SENSE is just so lovely.. The hardware is so reliable.. It fits so nice in my hands..
    For those who don’t like the HD2, it only means that you guys are not familiar on it and don’t have any right to say something bad about it because primarily you don’t own one..
    You can say good things about your N1 but don’t give bad comments with my HD2..

  17. Jovel
    Twitter: jovel_g

    i’d go for hd2. the problem with the nexus one is the phone itself, sources say that htc made a rush in order to release this phone for the release of android. i’ve also read that htc already stopped shipment of nexus one

  18. stoned says:

    I have an HD2 running Froyo (yes, Froyo, Android 2.2) but would love to have a native Android device particularly the N1.

  19. tee says:

    HD2 for me. :) it may look boxy but i really like it more.

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