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November 04, 2010

HTC 7 Trophy in the flesh!

So we finally got some hands-on time with the HTC 7 Trophy, one of the Windows 7 Phone handsets by HTC to be released this December. See photos and video after the jump.

The HTC 7 Trophy comes in a 3.8″ display, 1GHz CPU, 8GB nternal storage, 576MB RAM, 512MB ROM, WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, 3G/HSDPA and 5MP camera.

Below, the HTC 7 Trophy beside the HTC Desire. At the moment, all I can say is that I’m impressed. The interface is really Zune-y but there are a lot of little surprises here and there. There’s great attention to detail and a whole lot of eye-candy as well.

Here’s a YouTube clip of how the UI of Windows Phone 7 looks like:

The unit is not mine. It’s owned by MB TechNews which was lent to TJ Manotoc. For full review, watch out for it on Manila Bulletin this Monday. I’m still on the fence if I should get one myself when I go to Singapore next week.

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40 Responses to “HTC 7 Trophy in the flesh!”

  1. Jepoi says:

    my suggestion is for all you who are interested to check out other in depth reviews of the OS itself and not be bowled over by the hardware. yes it looks sleek and sexy but at the end of the day, you would want a phone that would fit perfectly to your wants and needs.
    @slighmd – you need to read up on android, your so called fragmentation and how it’s actually about choices.
    @negrita – whom did android copy its OS from actually? i guess you know more than we do right?

  2. Htcfan says:

    At first I was mesmerized by WP7’s interface and immediately wanted to get one but then I heard everything that’s lacking particularly cut and paste which I often use so I think I’ll just do what I did with the iPhone and wait until the OS matures a bit.

    Btw, being the owner of an android phone and iphone, I can say that Android is NOT a copycat of iOS. I actually prefer android’s UI and if only all the good apps are on android I’d probably ditch iPhone altogether.

  3. slighmd says:

    Fragmentation is ok for choice as you said. But it is not good for app developers hence the number of very high quality apps and especially games are low. Dungeon defenders for example. You need to get a new android phone with Tegra 2 to play it because as the dev said, is not made on the current gen hardware. Comparing it to iOS, all current gen iphones can play it

  4. reboot says:

    there’s currently an issue reported on the HTC 7 Trophy. it’s probably worth a look for people who are eyeing this phone:

  5. slighmd says:

    Guess ill be getting the mozart then. Was supposed to get the trophy because of its specs, im expecting it to be cheaper

  6. Jepoi says:

    @slighmd – agree with you on the point you just highlighted. however, you also cannot overlook the fact that there are alot of apps on the iphone that would not run on the ipad. likewise, remember that there are alot of people who are still using the iphone 3G which is not receiving anymore love from apple. i think the top guy from Tweetdeck aptly put Steve Jobs in place when he was rebuked after claiming that fragmentation is a nightmare to developers after Jobs used them as an example in one of his recent monologues. The real problem with android is the bloatware that gets loaded by carriers and manufacturers alike.

    @htcfan – that is why i was asking negrita if she knows something we dont because Android sure is world’s apart comparing it to the iOS moreso WinMo. we must have missed something :)

  7. mioke23 says:

    the only things thats gonna lack this htc w7’s editions is the htc sense…i think.and w7 not yet fully android that keeps upgrading but now i think android froyo is stable.

  8. miguel says:

    Would it be risky to jump straight to a WP7 over Android? I’ve been meaning to get the HTC Desire, but Trophy suddenly looked shiny to me, especially since I’ve been using the Zune software for so long and the integration is drawing me in. Not to mention owning a Windows 7 computer along with a Windows 7 Phone would be a dream come true for people like me who’ve been envious of the way Apple perfectly syncs all their products together.

  9. Jepoi says:

    @miguel – just keep in mind WP7 (the OS) is still in its infancy so there would be more things to polish off comparing it with Android or iOS. i suggest try to also refer to other reviews of the OS. I think it is safe to say the hardware part is well taken cared of by HTC, LG or Samsung. What’s left is to basically try and find out if the OS will be a good match to the functionality you want in a mobile phone.

  10. Edison says:

    How much na po ngayon yang HTC Trophy?

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