HTC launches 8X, 8S, One X+ and One SV

HTC today launched several new Android phones and Windows Phone 8 handsets here in Singapore. Among the handsets that were shown were the HTC 8X, HTC 8S — both running Windows Phone 8; and the HTC One X+ and the HTC One SV.

As reported earlier, the global launch is set here in Singapore but the release tomorrow will cover SEA countries, including India which will exclusively get the HTC One SV.

According to the local rep, the Philippine release of these handsets is scheduled for tomorrow (November 3) although we have not gotten any information about the retail prices.

HTC emphasized the upgrades they made on the HTC One X+ (they consider this a major update to their flagship Android handset) which includes a newer and faster processor (NVidia Tegra 3 1.7GHz quad-core), a larger internal storage (64GB), higher capacity battery (2100mAh) and more improved camera front and rear. We ran a couple of the usual benchmarks and will share them with you in another post.

Both the HTC 8X and the HTC 8S also got some attention with their flashy colors and good-looking designs. The 8X is among the latest handsets to carry a high-resolution screen with a pixel density of 341ppi. More details and photos of the HTC 8X and 8S in the succeeding articles.

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  1. Marcelino

    Lumia 920 na lang :)

    Sorry. Hahaha

  2. wow! nice colors on the 8X and 8S going to keep a look out for the prices on both! just read recently that the UK prices for the HTC 8X is roughly £400 for a 16Gb unit. comes in blue black and red.

  3. A Nexus 4 is $299, Get the Nexus its even wireless charge like the Nokia Lumia. Nexus and Lumia FTW! :D

  4. someone you met outs

    Kung matatagalan pa yun 920 at 820 baka mag 8S na lang ako


  5. Has Windows Phone 8 adressed the wifi-disconnect issue?? On WP7, the phone disconnects from wifi when locked/put on sleep, which is a giant flaw.

    Is the same still true for these WP8 devices?

    • Wifi issue could be addresed by a software update..hope microsoft would fix it a soon as possible, since many are asking for it.

  6. doggydog

    wag na kayo buy ng wp8 ang panget bano at boring yun tiles na yan. regret lang kayo buy nyan wa pa apps. android na lang o iphone

    kung kinig kayo sa advise ko nexus 4 na mura at halimaw ang specs.

    wag kayo mag alala sa sabi nila na kulang LTE, at wa naman LTe dito satin.

  7. Windows live tiles!!! ftw!!

  8. kung gusto nyo ng MURA LANG pero PANALO
    GO for NEXUS 4!

    pero kung may kamahalan PERO SUPER PANALO
    GO FOR Optimus “G” Gangnam Style.

    both are elegant phones!


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