HTC One (M8) and Nokia Lumia 930 take the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Samsung Galaxy S5 recently took the ALS Ice Bucket challenged and emerged unscathed thanks to its IP67-certified body. Now see the non-waterproof smartphone flagships, namely the HTC One (M8) and Nokia Lumia 930, take on the icy bath.

cellphone s_ice bucket

Vietnamese YouTube channel Cellphone S accepted the challenge issued by the Samsung Galaxy S5 and took out their HTC One (M8) and Nokia Lumia 930 to see if these two can survive water. Watch the video below:

Do note that the HTC One (M8) has an IPx3 rating meaning it can withstand splashes of water. The Nokia Lumia 930, on the other hand, got a bit of help when the Cellphone S host covered its headset jack right at the top. Although not waterproof, it’s good to know that these smartphones can take on that amount of water and still survive.


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  1. i am more impressed with this Vietnamese youtube channel who has the nuts in doing these kinds of stunts. Dapat si Yuga din gumaganyanganyan. Hehe


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