HTC One M8 Prime leak reveals 360 degrees of beauty

Earlier this month, we reported that HTC could be working on a follow up to their flagship phone, the HTC One M8. We indicated that the said phone, dubbed Prime, could pack a Snapdragon 805 CPU paired with a 2K display. Now, @evleaks obtains a full view on the One M8 Prime, and it is shaping up to be a really promising phone.

HTC One M8 prime

As you can see above, HTC is retaining a lot of the M8’s design characteristics – but it looks larger and there seems to be an addition to the controversial camera.

Aside from 2K and Snapdragon 805, the rumored specs of the device also include a 5.5-inch display, 3GB RAM and an 18 megapixel version of their Duo camera. The release is also expected to be around September.

For the 360 degree GIF that @evleaks has, head to the source link down below.


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  1. Rockafella

    Great design overall, I love the colors too! Buti nalang tinigil na nila yung “Ultrapixel” BS nila. Mahihirapan na naman ako pumili nito.

  2. The HTC One M8 main image camera is very similar to that of last year’s HTC One. They share the same UltraPixel sensor, but the M8 uses the image processor hardware of the Snapdragon 801 – and at present the two have different software (although the HTC One is to get an upgrade to Sense 6 later this year).

  3. indonexus

    HTC’s Android silver phone?

  4. observer

    … HTC will set the price of this dud around 37K PHP. after a couple of months they’ll be asking, why noone is buying our phone…

  5. elmer tilos

    htc one m8 16gb is available at ensogo for 26k. Is it a good buy? Is it the real htc one m8.
    Please have a comment on this before I put it in my cart. Thank you.


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