HTC One Mini vs One Mini 2

Now that HTC officially debuted the One Mini 2, we’ve decided to place the handset side-by-side with its predecessor to see the improvements that the company made from the last model.

Summary of advantages:

HTC One Mini
* Thinner body (9.3mm vs 10.6mm)
* Lighter (122g vs 137g)
* Higher pixel density

HTC One Mini 2
* Bigger screen
* Faster chipset
* Better front camera
* Bigger battery
* Has micro-SD card slot and NFC

Based from the table above, we can clearly see the advantage that the HTC One Mini 2 has over its predecessor in terms of feature set. It had put on extra weight and became a little bit thicker in the process, but we think that consumers can easily live with that considering the improvements that the new smartphone has to offer.

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