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February 20, 2013

HTC One vs. LG Optimus G Pro vs. Sony Xperia Z

The HTC One just got announced, and we want you to see how it fares up with its fellow Android competitors, packing full HD displays, fast processors and amazing technologies.

Of course, specs are one thing, real-world performance is another. We’d like to see things such as the camera in practice soon, to identify if it’s really all worth the hype. What can you say? Does it meet your expectations?

The clash of the Android titans aren’t over yet since we’re expecting devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Motorola X Phone to come in the following months – which won’t be too different from these specs. With those beasts, you might want to include the ZTE Grand S and other companies’ 1080p phones as well. We guess the question now is, which one will you get? who will launch it first in the Philippines? These powerhouses better hurry, before one overshadows the other.

Correction: LG Optimus G Pro is 9.4mm, not 10mm.

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Posted by YugaTech on Thursday, April 16, 2015
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35 Responses to “HTC One vs. LG Optimus G Pro vs. Sony Xperia Z”

  1. Jan says:

    i think the htc one will be using the snapdragon 600 and not the krait.

    • Bob Freking says:

      Krait is the architecture used on the CPU. The chipset itself is Snapdragon 600. (edit: Krait has a very similar architecture to Cortex-A15s is what I meant.)

    • mang kanor says:

      nag english pa tanga naman.. ung snapdragon 600, apat na krait core un.. bobo lang??

    • mang kanor says:

      isa ka pa freking..

      exynos/snapdragon 800,600,s4 = soc
      krait/a7/a9/a15 = cpu
      arm = architecture

    • Mr. Right says:

      Makamura ka naman. Mali ka rin naman.
      Anong CPU ang A7, A9, Krait, etc.? Malamang CPU sila, lahat ng kinompare mo CPU.
      Architecture pareho ang A7, A9, Krait, etc. at ARM.
      Ang pagkakaiba lang, iba ang category nila,
      Ang ARM ay architecture ng CPU talaga as in compared to x86.
      Pero ang A7, A9, Krait, etc., architectures ng mga ARM chips. Mas specific lang kapag A7, A9, Krait, etc. na ang pinag-uusapan. General pa masyado kapag sinabi mong ARM kasi x86 lang ang known na counterpart niya. (Actually meron pa, katulad ng mga ginagamit dati bago pa sumikat ang x86 pati na rin yung mga ginagamit sa some supercomputers)

      Huwag ka maninita na mali ang sinasabi nila kung pati ikaw, mali.

    • Justin says:

      @mang kanor: Hahaha! BURNED!!! :P

    • eric says:

      @mang kanor, ayan na explain na ng maayos. wag ka kasi manita, sabihin mo ng maayos. and know your arguments muna.

    • scandaldownloader says:

      Mang Kanor, kahit alam mo pa ang pinakamabilis at detalye ng CPU hindi ka pa rin sisikat….

      Wala ka naman lahat ng gadget nito eh.. kasi busy ka sa mga sex videos…

      Kaya kung ako sayo… gawa ka nalang ng scandal.

      OK… APPROVE..

    • mang kanor says:

      @mr. wrong

      basahin mo yan tapos gawa ka sex video para makatikim ka naman ng tahong.. di pero si maria.. haha

    • mang kanor says:

      @mr wrong

      oh.. nabasa mo na ba?? dami mo explain galing naman ata wikipedia info mo.. basahin mo ung sa main site tapos ung ibang tech blogs.. wag sa kwentuhan sa barbershop.. hahaha


      burned mah s….candal…
      tulog ka na boy may pasok ka pa sa lunes.. haha

    • scandaldownloader says:

      Mang Kanor, alam kung magaling ka na, kaya next time HD ang sex video mo (ibig sabihin mahina ka pa rin), Gamitan mo ng Pinakamabilis sa core at GPU para maganda ang resulta..

      wag kanang manlait… Coz your the OLD MAN!!!!

  2. Ric says:

    I think we need to change the CPU on the HTC One…

  3. red says:


  4. Lex says:

    Sana poh sinama nyo na rin ang price comparison, para kumpleto sa rekado itong review. Salamat

    • Bob Freking says:

      No official prices for them yet. Recent news say that the One will be cheaper than the Xperia Z in Europe, so we have yet to see how that turns out here in the PH.

  5. Anon says:

    The Z wins the style and durability categories but the LG is the solid overall winner for me.

  6. Yak says:

    Ang cheap ng presentation huh. Eeew!!

  7. Gpro says:

    LG Optimus G PRO has 9.4mm thin ,NOT 10mm.
    Overall G PRO RULED…
    BATTERY IS MONSTER 3140 mah Li-Po
    microSD up to 64GB.

  8. Aquinas says:

    Kahit ano sa tatlong iyan ok na sa akin :D :D

  9. aze says:

    i want the ONE.

  10. mr Reyes says:

    5.5″ Very large fully HD Display/screen

    RE-MOVABLE Giant Battery 3140mAh Li- Po
    it has microSD Card slot. Expand able memory to 64GB

    Video Live zooming
    Dual VIdeo HD recorder at the same time

  11. knives809 says:

    I think depende parin sa preferences. Kung ako ang pipili, wala dyan sa 3 yan. I’d rather wait for the next NEXUS Phone. Why? Lahat ng android users laging umaasa sa OS updates. NEXUS line ups lang ang sure na updated sa OS. Unless sobrang sipag ng mga phone manufacturers na iupdate ang OS ng mga released devices nila (I think Samsung is better when it comes to updating Android OS than the 3 above)

    • Apollo says:

      +1. Puro nakiki-ride lang ng OS yang 3 na yan(No hate). Pero kung bibilis man ang pag-update ng Sony sa OS nila, probably I’ll stick with my Xperia.

  12. honestly i’m already tired for my Sony xperia tx
    ang bilis ma-low bat kahit pa 10% lang brightness
    at tipid na tipid na ako sa pag bubukas ng FB .

    sorry Sony pass muna ako I’LL GO FOR THE BIG BATTERY PHONE

    pag na release na G PRO kahit san man yan papa shipping nalang ako kung di pa darating ng pinas.

    just sharing

  13. mikky says:

    nako makapag mayabang ng kung anong mas magandang specs na phone akala mo bibilhin talaga eh.


    this is one of the most trusted site.

  15. francis says:

    stick with my iphone,
    simply the best

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