HTC rolls out Jellybean update for the One S

It’s been long and agonizing wait for the owners of HTC’s mid-range One series handset, but the Taiwanese company has finally released the 5 months overdue Jelly Bean update for the One S. The question now is it worth the wait?

The phone should automatically prompt you about the update, but just in case it didn’t you can go to your device’s settings to manually check for it. When you do get the update prompt, you’ll be asked to download a whopping 612MB file that contains the Android 4.1.1 and the latest version of HTC proprietary UI, the Sense 4+.


Once you’re done downloading the humongous file, the device will automatically install the update and will reboot to a heavily skinned version of Android Jelly bean with a software version 3.16.401.8 (for those geeky users out there).

Apart from the update UI and the things that the Jelly Bean upgrade brings to the table, the update is also said to bring better Camera performance as well as improved power efficiency to the dual-core handset. Should you need more info about the HTC One S, you can head over to this link to read our full review.

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  1. wow! thanks Yugatech, this is the update i have been waiting for… sana hinde mabigat ang Sense 4+ UI, been experiencing some slight slowdowns in my One S. is it worth the upgrade ba?

  2. I don’t understand why I haven’t gotten any notification for the Jellybean update for my HTC One X, even when I check manually. I bought it unlocked in the Middle East and been using it here using Smart prepaid SIM. Never rooted it.

    • crackinthewall


      You won’t get a notification because your phone is from a different region. The update probably hasn’t rolled out yet in the Middle East yet.

    • @crackinthewall

      Thanks. After checking some online forums, apparently that seems to be the case; their customers in the Middle East are complaining about the same

  3. Anti_Kimchi

    @Paolo: How much do you like your HTC? Thnx. I would prefer a China maker over a korean one.

  4. haiissttss

    ito problema sa android dependent device or kung walang sariling OS


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