iPhone vs. Blackjack vs. N95 vs. Treo 750 vs. BC 8300

Apple recently released a comparison chart for the iPhone pitting it against the Samsung BlackJack, Nokia N95, Palm Treo 750 and the Blackberry Curve 8300. Here’s their original chart comparing wifi capability and battery life, among others.

Apple Comparison Chart

Gizmodo then reported that it was revised after Scoble corrects it adding that his Nokia N95 has wifi and comparing some more key features. I would also like to correct Apple and add that my Samsung SGH i600 (Black Jack) has wifi too!

Here’s what the real chart should have looked like:


It’s really funny when companies highlight their very best features and hide the ones they lack. So, who comes out as the winner? I’m also curious why they didn’t include the Nokia E61i on the chart.

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  1. I own an iPhone. Anyway, I tried out my friend’s N95 and IMO the N95 is better for everyday use because you can text without having to look at it, and that it is fitted with more applications than the iPhone. But, when it comes to the flexibility of navigation, good support for multimedia and simplicity of design, the iPhone beats the bulky, Jack-of-all-trades N95.

  2. i salute the features of n95 and i think its really a powerful gadget but its size and bulky appearance makes it undesirable.. you cant certainly put it in your pocket coz it will attract attention from d people specially the snatchers.

    other downfall of n95 includes: talk time, battery life and storage.

    i was made to choose on the phone that ill get this xmas and i chose iPhone coz its cheaper and i can easily access the web considering im an internet freak!

  3. About the iPhone, the sim tray is removable albeit with the help of a paperclip. :)

    Merry Christmas from Pinoy R.N. http://filipinonurse.blogspot.com

  4. SebMas

    The N95 can Have a 4Gb TFlash, I have once with 4Gb


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