Kill-switch Phone Security Act of 2014 filed in Congress

House Bill No. 4511 or the “Kill-switch Phone Security Act of 2014” has been recently filed in Congress which aims to mandate telcos to equip all their postpaid mobile phones with a kill-switch software.


The Kill-switch Phone Security Act of 2014, authored by Ang Mata’y Alagaan Representative Lorna Q. Velasco, is an act that requires all cellphone network service providers to “pre-install a reliable and perfectly functioning kill-switch software” in all their mobile phones that they provide to postpaid subscribers to enable them to remotely disable it or erase all data therein when reported stolen.

“The enactment of this bill into law will effectively weaken, if not eliminate completely, the black market for stolen cellphones which in turn will necessarily lead to a reduction in crimes related to mobile cellphones.”


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  1. hehehe

    Although plagiarism (as usual…), its the cooperation between the telco and the Mobile OS maker. There are already softwares or apps who can do it but you need to be jailbroken or rooted to do it. This will be a target for hackers and homebrewers…

  2. The thought of having a kill switch is okay.. But i think this wont stop the crime related to mobile phone theft because these criminals can still sell the cellphones for their parts..

    • Hen-Sheen

      Installing a Kill Switch software on a Smartphone isn’t enough, use a software that is inspired by the “Mission Impossible” series; a self – destruct feature (too brutal if you ask me) or a burn/melt – feature that will fry all the components including the Sim or SD Cards rendering the phone truly unusable. It will take them ages to produce the latter, one step at a time.

  3. Mauunahan pa yata nila ang US sa kill-switch na to..

    • tmobile_user

      Sadly, meron na nito ang US. Ang ginagamit nila ay 3rd party application na Lookout. Libre lang siya at premium subscription ang gamit.

  4. Yousef

    No need as we already have one for us. It’s an app called “Find my iPhone”.

  5. Congress should create a law to allow a postpaid subscriber have to option unlock locked phones after the contract period with a telco.

  6. Congress should create a law to allow a postpaid subscriber have the option unlock locked phones after the contract period with a telco.

  7. Helveltica

    Well I’m glad the government is trying to take action about the issue of stolen phones. Though they should also cooperate with Microsoft, Google, Apple…and other companies to have more effective implementing this. Also to have our Police aware and coordinate with this.

    What I’m more concerned though is that the government might just forget this after a while, loosening the guard.

    • noneym

      How will the police cooperate if they are the masterminds of these phone thefts. Duh.

  8. nagmamagalinglang

    ^ All android phones Gingerbread and up has that built-in feature.

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