Lenovo A60+ review

Looking for a dual-SIM capable Android smartphone that won’t hurt your pocket? Lenovo’s A60+ smartphone might just be the one you’re looking for. Check out our full review after the break.

Design and Construction

At first glance, the Lenovo A60+ looks very similar to the Nokia Luma 610 but with less sleek. It has a curved plastic body with a chrome strip around it and a textured back panel. On the front is 3.5-inch display, the earpiece, three capacitive buttons and a pinhole for the microphone. Right on top is Power/Sleep button and a headset jack. Flip it on its back and you’ll find the 2-megapixel camera and speaker grill. At the bottom is the microUSB port and on the right side is the volume rocker.

The A60+ is not really a tiny smartphone but it somehow gives an illusion that it’s really small. It carries a decent amount of weight at 120g.


The A60+ sports a 3.5-inch HVGA (480×320) display. As the spec suggests, it is has low resolution display but not at all ugly. However, it suffers from glare and has limited viewing angles.


The A60+ runs Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread out of the box. Lenovo customized the UI that it will remind you of the MeeGo OS on the Nokia N9. The UI is smooth and responsive. No lags in navigating and scrolling but the transition from landscape to portrait is frustratingly slow that I ended up disabling the Auto-Rotate feature.


You have a 2-megapixel camera on the A60+ which has face detection, color effects, smile shot, burst shot, panorama and video recording capabilities. As for picture quality, some images appear washed out and out of focus even when there’s an abundance of light while some appear decent enough even when shot during a cloudy day. Overall, images captured by the A60+ are good enough to be uploaded to social media sites.

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Multimedia and Apps

Multimedia playback and app availability is not an issue for the A60+. You can play videos but it’s not going to be a visual treat. Music playback is good, the speaker is loud and crisp but lacks bass. For your app needs Google Play Store is present. We were able to install and play Temple Run and Fruit Ninja without any problem although there are times when Temple Run stalls then crashes.

Performance and Benchmarks

The review unit we received somehow suffers from WiFi connectivity issues. It can easily connect to the network but it just can’t receive and send data. I hope that this is just an isolated problem. We ended up downloading APKs from websites to the computer then manually installing them on the phone.

For benchmarks, AnTuTu gave it a score of 3,966 while NenaMark scored the A60+’s PowerVR SGX531 GPU a 29.9fps.

Battery Life

The A60+ has a user-replaceable battery rated at 1500mAh. Under regular texting, calling and few minutes of gaming, I was able to make the phone last for three days. However, if you’re constantly connected to the internet then expect battery life to suffer a bit.


We don’t know how to put it but it’s a bag of mixed emotions for the Lenovo A60+. It gives you dual-SIM, dual-standby functionality with smooth and attractive UI in a budget-friendly package. However, it also is frustrating to use every now and then. If you’re not going to push it past its limits, then this dual-SIM Android phone will surely handle your basic smartphone needs.

Lenovo A60+ specs:
3.5-inch HVGA (320 x 480 pixels) Capacitive touchscreen
MediaTek MT6575 1GHz single-core processor, ARMv7
PowerVR SGX531 GPU
256MB RAM, 512MB ROM,
144MB Internal Memory
microSD up to 16GB
Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
3G / HSDPA Technology
2 megapixel camera
WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS
115.8 x 60.8 x 11.9 mm
1500mAh battery
SRP: Php4,999

What we liked about it:
● Small profile
● Smooth and attractive UI
● Affordable

What we did not like about it:
● Poor display
● Low-resolution camera
● WiFi connectivity issues

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  1. lacking

    is the writer a grade schooler? this piece is insulting to the English language.

    • What are you talking about? Except for some lapses in article use and unbroken complex sentences his English is fine!

      Shoo, troll!

    • Troll ka ba? TECH SITE to Pare! hindi grammar school! kung wala kang masabi, manahimik ka na lang, kung wala kang pambili , sipagan mo para makabili ka,

    • Not naman insulting but the article is poorly written.

    • lacking really

      hmmm… where do we begin?
      “on the front is 3.5-inch”
      “but with less sleek” (this one actually made me laugh)
      “without any problem”
      “under regular texting”
      “we don’t know how to put it, but it’s a mixed bag of emotions” (genius, you already “put” it)
      i could go on, you know, but i think i’ve already made my point

    • Oliver Twist

      Agree ako kay lacking…

    • hep.hep. RA 10175

    • Anonima

      I agree. This article is very hastily written. Poor language skills aside, the review itself is bad. Given his conclusion, he paints the device as bad which is not fair to the device. He didn’t take into account the Lenovo A60+’s price and its competition at that price point. What other Android phones are at around 5K Php? Alcatel 918N, Lenovo A60 and A65, Samsung Galaxy Y, LG Optimus L3, Huawei Ascend Y200. The A60+ lords over the category with the Y200 on its tail.

      Lenovo A60+ vs competition:
      A60+: Cortex A9 > Y200: Cortex A5 > 918N, A60, A65, Galaxy Y, Optimus L3: ARM11
      Y200: 480×320 IPS > A60+, A60, A65, 918N: 480×320 TN > Galaxy Y, Optimus L3: 320×240 TN
      A60+, A60, A65, 918N: PVR SGX 531 OC’ed > Y200: Adreno 200 OC’ed > Galaxy Y, Optimus L3 : Adreno 200

      Performance alone the A60+ blows its competition out of the water. Compare the A60+ to an Android phone in the 10K Php price point, and it’s obviously bad. But the point is it’s not 10K Php, but 5K Php. Given that the low-end smartphone is a battleground in developing countries like the Philippines, how it stacks up is crucial to assisting the buyer with his purchase.

      Sigh. I wish everyone did their phone reviews like GSMArena where they make a clear assessment of the other options at the same price and the trade-offs as part of the review’s conclusion. What point is there reviewing a device if it doesn’t help you with your purchasing decision?

  2. This A60+ is a sure contender on entry-level Android phones.

  3. co0ljade

    ano po ang ibig niyo pong sabihin sa It can easily connect to the network but it just can’t receive and send data ??? hindi po ba kayu nakapag internet gamit ang WIFI? wala bang solution tungkol dito?

  4. I thought this will be a good phone..but sadly for a tight budget, we can’t complain. I guess I;ll stick to Asha 311..

  5. Guys, kalimitan napapansin kong DUAL-SIM puro SIM1 lang ang 3G, do you have any ideas ba where can I source out a DUAL-3G capable phone? hope you can help me, gagamitin ko sana overseas for my LOCAL & ROAMING sim, thanks.

    • jhan salvidar

      Dahil yan sa mediatek chipset na gamit ng halos lahat na mga dual sim dual standby na smartphones…isang sim lang ang pwede sa hsdpa isa sa Edge

  6. i have this phone lenovo A60+.. matagal syang makareceived at makasend ng txt… lalo na kung naka online ng gprs or hpda.. kailagan i close mo ito para ma received ka agad at send… ang bilis nyang malow bat… grabe sandali lng gamitin ang batery nya…

  7. shemaiah

    i bought this phone last monday.. for a first time android user, i was impressed.. walang lag yung ui, parang iphone na din pag nagsswipe.. hehe.. mabilis din mag download pag 3g connection i tried using both globe and sun.(3x mas mabilis ang sun) pero like what the reviewer says, problem talaga pag wifi connection. ok din ang GPS nya.. i enjoy running more kasi narerecord na yung runs ko. mas namomotivate ako lagpasan ang previous run ko(thanks to nike + ap) mabilis din madrain yung battery when going online.

    today i have it replaced. nagkaproblem kasi yung media luncher. ayaw maview yung mga pictures at videos taken from the phone’s camera. good thing may 7day replacement shop warranty at 1yr lenovo warranty. other than that its all good considering the very low price.. 4999 php with free 4gig mem card.

    i thought, if lenovo makes good laptops why not try their phones? future apple contender…

    cheers to lenovo!!!

    • ok po ba gps nito for road navigation? kasi parang may nabasa akong ibang post na 30 minutes daw bago ma determine ang current location?

  8. I enjoyed using the phone. It runs decent enough to do all what you need from a mobile phone. If you tried using high end ones, for sure you won’t enjoy tinkering on this. But for those with a tight budget, maganda na ito compared to other entry level android phones in the market.

    I bought mine as a replacement for my old symbian phone. So far okay naman and performance (for me). Bonus feature na lang yung dual sim. Gaming on this phone is not my idea since I have my desktop PC and PSP handheld console for that. Camera shots are good enough for social media sharing and not for prints. I’d still use my digital camera to do the deed.

    You really can’t have it all unless you are ready to pay more and get a full packed pricey one.

    • anyone can help me?. i bought lenovo A60+ this month. camera is good but i dont know how to decrease the volume. lakas ng sound kapag sa camera hehe.. help nmn po.. Thanks..

  9. Does this phone really have WiFi connection problems? Ksi okay na sana sya for its price range. :-(

    • Sken ok nman, im using the office’s wifi and it works perfectly fine. Bka nsa wifi nila ang problema.

    • ah gnun ba? so depende din talaga sa user. ksi interested sana ako bumili eh bka magsisi ako kung me WiFi problems. thanks po. :-)

  10. @lacking

    Do you always scour the internet for grammatical errors? Are you that “obsessed” correcting other person’s grammar just to prove you’re “smarter” than him or the rest of us over the internet? You need to grow up, kid! You should also check your post for grammatical errors. (Capital letters at the beginning of every sentence.)


    Using 3g instead of wifi drains your batter faster.

  11. guys, i’m choosing from 3 phones. a60+, galaxy pocket, huawei y100, alcatel x918… which is the best choice?

    • shemaiah

      a60+ hands down.. my cousin bought a galaxy pocket for around 4.6k, he cant even install angry bird app.. big plus din yung gps capability ng a60+ as i can use it everyday to track the distances of my runs through nike+ running app. i also use it to play lullaby apps for my kids to help them fall asleep at night.. very nice…

  12. looking for accessories like case and screen protector, where can i buy this?

  13. I have one too, i bought it last september 15 ung bgong lbas cya. nkatatlong bagsak n nga sya sken at mukang hnd p nman ngkkproblema sa pgkkbagsak n un haha. Un nga lng wlang pang fit na screen protector pra sa knya kya bmili nlng ako ng pansamsung galaxy na protector tpos ginupit nlng atleast may protecttion ung screen haha.

  14. devilish

    question lang po, paano po i turn off yung shutter ng camera ko, ang ingay kasi nakakahiya minsan pag nagpipicture taking kami…hehhe

    • Sana masagot na to agad, kasi ako din po nahihiya na din ako sa ingay ng shutter ng A60+ ko e, naooff po ba un?

    • Download nlng kau ng camera applications sa playstore, ung may silent shutter dn. Hnd tlg ntuturn off ung shutter sound ng nkainstall ng camera application dhl sa ibang bansa hnd pdeng kumuha ng patago.

    • Khit nkapag download kna ng camera application ganun padin po. khit nka off n yung shutter sound malakas padin. pano po ba yun?.

    • Meron dun sa playstore. Search mo dun ung silent camera sa playstore. Dmi dun eh. Ok nmn sken.

    • ganun ba?. ilng beses n kc me nagtry pero wla me makita. merun din pero gnun pdin. but thank you.. try ko hanap uli :)

    • try switching audio profiles to silent or vibration.

  15. 1Ghz Android phone under 5K? That’s pretty good

  16. aphio1925

    Just got mine yesterday. How can i transfer my Samsung GT-E222 to Lenovo A60+? Is there a Lenovo A60+ Software that can manage the data in it or better yet receive contacts file from other phones?

  17. in camerA how do you off you camera shot?

  18. in camerA how do you off the sound
    you camera shot?

    • I think you can’t…just download a camera application in playstore that can mute its shutter sound.

  19. single or multi touch ba ang a60+?

  20. Can you install apps to the SD card?

  21. great article. i really want to root my a60+. may program nb na available to let us do so?

    great as the specs of this phone is against other entry level android phones, a rooted galaxy pocket can beat lenovo a60+.

  22. Ok naman ang Wife capabilities ng A60+ ko. Tingnan ninyo baka Wireless connection ninyo ang may problema baka naman speed bagal yan.

  23. Ron Trinidad

    The A60+ excels in the market, comparing it to other android phones in the sub-5K range… It is my first full-touch phone, and before this, I hate touch screens. This Lenovo made me change my preferences… Good job Lenovo!

  24. as of now meron na ba sa market, available na screen protector at jelly case sa lenovo A60+???
    san ba mura ang lenovo A60+??? recommend naman kayo ng store..thanks

  25. Help me my lenovo a60+ is not working in my wifi it said no connection Retry but in malls it is working…


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