LG Nexus 4 goes on pre-order ahead of launch

We’ve already previewed this LG-made Nexus smartphone twice in the past. Now the same retailer, which leaked a snapshot of their inventory that includes the alleged LG Nexus 4, has displayed the smartphone on their site including the date when they’ll start shipping pre-ordered units.

Along with some introduction about the phone, Carphone Warehouse also includes a detailed spec sheet of the product which includes a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 4.7” Gorilla Glass 2-coated LCD screen with 720p resolution and an 8MP camera which is capable of shooting Full-HD clips at 30fps and.


Early rumors suggests that the upcoming Nexus 4 will only come with a measly 8GB internal storage which is exactly what was listed on the UK-based retailer’s spec sheet. To make things worse, it is speculated that there’ll be no option to expand the memory due to the lack of Micro-SD slot.

We’re not sure if this is Google’s way to cut down cost and force people to be more cloud-dependent (which unfortunately is not so ideal in countries like ours) or it could be that Carphone Warehouse didn’t list other variants (for some reason) and is just taking pre-orders for the 8GB model. We’re more inclined to believe the latter, but if the first one turns out to be true, then it’ll be a deal breaker for sure.


The retailer is starting to take pre-orders starting today for the LG Nexus 4 and will come free with an O2 or Vodafone contract starting at £31 and £33 respectively. Shipping starts on the 30th of this month, just a day after Google’s event which the phone is expected to be announced. This may mean that Carphone Warehouse may already have the phone with them and just waiting for a go signal from Google to release the phone.


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  1. chopotka

    Carphone warehouse took the pre-order page down, the page is no longer available. This store is notorious for jumping the gun (marketing gimmick to boost sales and page hits), I guess the big guy (Google) told them to take it down, at least until the October 29 Android event.

  2. U.S. Tech

    Not much to compare with Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Still the same color, look, thickness, specs. The difference only is with the 8MP & Quadcore S4 Snapdragon with a low internal storage of 8GB. Other specs are just the same. Price in the U.S. is around $400-$450 for the unlocked. Better wait for the Samsung S4 and Note 3 coming next March 2013 as announced by Samsung.

    • Galaxy s4 and note 3 to come this march?

      Please give the link to the official announcement made by samsung…or this will be considered as another rumor :p

      As much as I want to see the Note 3 (please let it have an exynos 5 or better XD) this march… This is way too early for them, I don’t want to get my hopes up then be dissappointed :p

  3. Wow ang mura lang nito. 8gb $299, 16gb $349. Buy ko ito pag dating dito.



    U.S. $ 250-299/8GB
    san ka pa?

    4.2 jelly beans?
    excellent display& design?
    Snapdragon s4 quadcore?

    sapat na sapat na!

  5. Wala pa din announcement kung kelan dating d2 sa PH. I believe Smart will have this phone thru plan.


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