Saturday, April 19th, 2014
List of smartphones with longest battery life

List of smartphones with longest battery life

We all know that having a feature-packed smartphone means nothing if it has poor battery life that won’t last a day without being plugged in. If you’re out looking to upgrade your handset with great battery performance, you might want to check out this list of smartphones with the biggest batteries.

smartphones with longest battery life

The devices are ranked by FindTheBest according to their battery size and overall battery performance. As seen above, the phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tops the chart with its 3200mAh battery despite its big display which should consume more juice. Falling in second place is LG G2 followed by the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4, with the iPhone 5s tailing the list.

One thing that we can conclude from this graph is that Android smartphones are better in conserving battery with its power-saving apps, both embedded and downloaded; and that battery performance from Windows and Apple phones are far cries compared to Android devices.

So again, if you’re on the prowl for a device that could work for long hours without the help of power banks then hopefully this graph would help.

Update: The source states that the data was derived not only from battery capacities but also from performance benchmarks that include specs of each device. Experiences from different testers were also taken into account.

* Data from manufacturer and carrier websites. Ratings from CNET, LAPTOP Mag, PC Mag, PC World, and WIRED. Performance benchmarks from Geekbench, DxOMark, and Rightware.


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  1. This just prove how biased yugatech are, ni hindi nga sila nagpost ng news na lumabas yung WP 8.1 Developer preview, eh yung mga major tech news site may nilabas sila na article.

  2. Johnaray

    BIAS…bakit walang CDR-King … LOL

    • Clearly, this is not misleading but just a spinned article. That’s why a source is given in the bottom.

  3. growupyugatech

    misleading article – eh ano p nga bang ini-expect nyo s yugatech?

  4. 1520 anyone?

  5. BIAS talaga ang yugatech. Yung Sony Xperia Z1 hindi nila isinama. Yung xperia Z lang ang nilagay.

  6. Lenovo P780. 4200maH. Maybe, Lenovo didn’t pay their share to Yugatech that’s why thisSP (smartphone) didn’t make to Yugatech’s list. OR the writer is a neo.

    • Lenovo p780 is NOT A high end phone and not a flagship.

    • they don’t acknowledge the awesomeness of lenovo p780…take note “list of smartphones with longest battery life” NOT flagship or high end phone only …duhhh

    • This is not Yugatechs list. this is just a rehash of FindTheBest list.

  7. kamot teh

    Personal choice ng writer ang mga NASA list. So bias.

  8. bias naman tlaga si kalbo and co. e

    di lang mahilig sa misleading articles, basta no pay, no post. :D

    ayan wala daw tuloy silang balita sa wp 8.1 dev preview.

    kesyo di daw mageendorse ng product kasi walang padulas este walang ‘invite’.

    haha. i love you yugatech.

  9. shanyan

    Haha..misleading tlga..umaabot nga ng 5 days ang lumia ko ehh..ung exeperia at samsung ng mga kapatid ko twice a day pag chacharge..

  10. HI Kevin,

    nice article – but i think you forgot the

    It has a 4000mAh battery and kicks ass ;)

    Cheers Chris

  11. Anyare?

    Walang CLOUDFONE 530qx? ehh yung nga may pinaka malaki ang capacity na battery anu ba yan.

  12. Pre, ang angas mo magsalita ah. Ikaw na nga ang palpak, ikaw pa may gana na magpalusot. Ano ba ang pinagmamalaki mo ha? Kapal rin ng mukha ng mokong na ito.

  13. they don’t acknowledge the awesomeness of lenovo p780…take note “list of smartphones with longest battery life” NOT flagship or high end phone only …duhhh

    • yes, lenovo is getting stronger in general, especially what you get for their cheap prices.

      cheers chris

  14. Based on experience.Samsung fucking sucks when it comes to battery life compared to the likes of Apple and LG…

  15. Chanchan

    Sobrang biased! I have my Nokia Lumia 1520 and I charge it every other day, with data always on (I am subscribed to unlimited data). And that is not even the whole story because the longest I’ve had is two full days and I can prove it! Were you guys paid to write?

  16. Sharingan_yeah

    Where’s the Lenovo P780? OMFG this is a biased blogsite. Lol

  17. hi, can you post a collective one. one with all phones available in the Philippines. top 10 list of smartphone with longest battery life in the Philippines… just to be fair with other brands, and just for benchmarking… thanks!


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