Lockitron: Lock Your Door using a Phone

This one’s a pretty cool invention that allows you to lock or unlock the door in your house with the use of a phone (runs as an app on iOS and Android). Check out the video below how it works.

As you can see from the video, the device is attached on top of the lock on your door and is controlled remotely but an app in your iPhone or Android phone (option for SMS activation is also available). It’s still not yet out but reservation is ongoing for $149 a pop.

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  1. What, no URL? :) Good thing it’s pretty obvious: https://lockitron.com/

  2. katy torres

    I need one!! I have been locked out of my apt more than once cause i left the keys before going out. :p Unfortunately the Landlady’s caretaker is always out and I am left with no other choice but to stay somewhere else until she comes back which usually is a day after :C

  3. this is almost the same with my thesis way back 2005, doorlock using sms. it will run using coding or programming language sync with your phone. it was nokia 6210i before. just text away, u can opened and closed your door.

  4. what happen if your phone was stolen you have to removed the lockitron or else someone can have access and might as well replace it w/ a new one?

    • From the FAQ:

      Unlike lost keys which anyone can use to unlock your door, in the event you lose your phone you can disable its access by resetting your account password. Never worry about changing your locks again.

      You probably won’t be able to change the Lockitron password right away, but you’d have to be in some really remote location without even Internet cafes. And you may have some time before the thief determines what Lockitron is all about, and which lock it unlocks. In the meantime, you can rush home and remove the Lockitron, or, if you have access to a pay phone — you do remember those, don’t you :) — call home and have your housemates remove it. Installing and using one does require some contingency planning in addition to any planning before you install an ordinary lock.

  5. nameless

    An invention? Nah I don’t think so. This kind of device was already common. We weren’t even allowed to make something like this as part of our project study. That was way back 2007.


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