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October 23, 2008

Motorola Aura touts shiney sapphire lens

Motorola is looking for another RAZR magic with the Motorola Aura — a $1,999 mobile phone that’s all glittery and shining with a 62-carat lens made from sapphire.

The outer casing is made of stainless steel with nicely crafted etched design.

Motorola Aura

Quad-band GSM/EDGE (no 3G)
2 megapixel camera
2GB internal storage
Bluetooth 2.0
MP4 playback

Not much features really but this thing is more like a jewelry rather than a mobile phone. A price tag of $1,999 already tells you that.

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5 Responses to “Motorola Aura touts shiney sapphire lens”

  1. Too much of a form but no better function.

  2. Yeah its more of a jewelry but it will look ridiculous if you will wear it like a pendant.

  3. i like it…
    nice site…

  4. Jefferson Faudan | DvoVirtualTech
    Twitter: jeffersonfaudan

    since when did stainless steel become so expensive and so are rubies?

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