New LG teaser: 4.7″, LTE, Quad-Core Krait, 2GB RAM

A teaser video was just released by LG Mobile in Korea outlining some kick-ass features of an upcoming LG Android smartphone. Not much was revealed except for the chip that it will be running on.

A sketch of the design of the smartphone was shown on the video but no actual footage were shown of the final unit.

The details include:

● 4.7-inch IPD LCD display at 720p resolution
● Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 quad-core
● Adreno 320 graphics
● LTE connectivity

Here’s a copy of the YouTube clip (it’s in Korean though):

It’s possible we won’t be seeing this handset until next year, at the GSM World in Barcelona.

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  1. Ugh. Orgasm !! Too bad it’s an LG. They suck too bad at updates.

  2. I`m thinking if I`ll get theis or wait for the other brands to make same spec or higher :))LG is really bad at making updates which takes them a year or sooo :(

  3. better remove the “grid with rounded-edges” that apple is bitching about

  4. grid with rounded-edges is copied from LG Prada so LG is not worried.

  5. Wow. Please samsung… Exynos 5250 in note II


  6. ESL Teacher

    It’s time I ask my korean ESL students to translate this…

  7. This is the best ever smartphone of the year 2012
    Its OPTIMUS “G”
    IPHONE-5 is a waste of money conpared to this BEAT!
    Great job LG!

    • Happy for LG too! But they have bad firmware update reputation. But keeping up now, they’re updating the Optimus 2x and Black and others to ICS. I like how HTC is doing with their updates, the best. If software update is a must, then get a nexus unit. They get the first updates. hehe

    • @ David, ok ba ang update nang nexus devices sa pilipinas?i mean OTA ba sila? and if so san nang gagaling yung OTA? smart? globe? sun?

  8. i’m starting to loving this new lg smartphone.

    kung ang pag uusapan ang design at specification this is no doubt better than sgs3.

    nice job lg!


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