Next Google Nexus phone to be made by LG

A new report has surfaced that the next Google Nexus smartphone is going to be made by LG and will be based on the LG Optimus G.

A source told AndroidandMe that he was able to get his hands on the Optimus-based Nexus saying that the phone “looks surprisingly like the Galaxy Nexus and does not have sharp corners like the LG Optimus we already know,” He also claimed that the phone features a silver band like the one found on the iPhone 3G and is similar to the size of the Galaxy Nexus.

The source also reported that the phone has the LG logo at the back and the word ‘Nexus’ etched on it similar to the Nexus 7 tablet but with the letter X styled in four colors. The device runs Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie which according to the source looks like the 4.1.1 Jellybean in its current state but more fluid. AndroidandMe was also sent a sample photo taken with the device and found in its EXIF data an 8 megapixel camera module. Unfortunately, they’re unable to share it “due to the nature of the photo.”

The details can’t be confirmed as of the moment but if ever the reports are true then we can expect an Optimus Nexus to arrive anytime soon.


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  1. I was never an LG fan.

  2. Curious. Why’d they go with LG when they already own Motorola?

    • Google wants all Android partners to get some prime time exposure. When all partners in the Open Handset Alliance succeeds, Google succeeds.

    • That’s a very good point, @yuga. :) A RAZR Nexus or Xperia Nexus would be a great choice as well.

  3. I dont get it. Google has it own mobile company why bring next nexus to LG? Not also a LG fan. Hahaha

  4. I think read somewhere that google acquired motorola mobility to get their hands on some patents, google hasn’t really treated motorola any differently compared to other phone manufacturers =p

    but LG isn’t the only one that gets to sell a nexus phone, I’m more interested if the rumors on the HTC one 5 being the nexus phablet is true :)

    • Btw the way, was it confirmed that Android 4.2 is “key lime pie”?
      Heard rumors that it has a new customization center, improved google now and project road runner XD

  5. A RAZR Nexus. That would be nice too.

  6. Idc. As long as it’s a Nexus. Don’t screw this up, LG. Although I would prefer a Sony or HTC Nexus tbh.

  7. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    LG Optimus Nexus
    HTC One/Desire Nexus
    Sony Xperia Nexus
    Motorola Droid/Razr Nexus

  8. paganfire

    its lg’s turn

  9. I hope Sony gets it turn. It’s rumored there will be a couple of certified Nexus devices.


  11. As long as we don’t get to buy this phone for 4999 for 1 hour only at the LG stores, and have them use the resulting crowds as photo op to imply “overwhelming support” for their new phone, this should be fine.

  12. madapaka

    LG as the next Nexus phone? Where did this rumor come from? This is non-sense. FYI, Samsung is still under contract to make the next Nexus phone model, so LG to manufacture the next Nexus is crap!

    There is more truth to Nexus 5 (Phablet by HTC) than this non-sense.

    • fat internet guy

      “Where did this rumor come from?”

      From LG obviously. lol

  13. Could be possible that LG’s only one of those five Nexus phones that will be released for Android’s 5th anniversary. Xperia S was reported to be accepted to the AOSP project so most likely Sony will be included. Add Samsung and HTC to that so 5th spot might go to Apple…ehem Moto pala hehehe peace >_<v

  14. If LG is really going to manufacture the Nexus smartphone, being a nexus device future owners can at least be saved from LG’s bad software support since they can hopefully get updates directly from Google – if not out of the box after a little tinkering like for the currently galaxy nexus which can be modded to get updates direct from Google. I do hope LG doesn’t scr*w up the hardware.

  15. Google Nexus Program (rumor) <– This is a good way of looking at it.

  16. qwer you

    i just wondering why did they choose LG not Sony.. ’cause i think Sony is better than LG in terms of making smartphones (design and camera)

  17. Where are the LG haters now?


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