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May 09, 2013

Nokia Asha 501 now official, running Asha OS

Nokia never fails to impress with its product designs, be it a high-end smartphone or a budget feature-phone. Today, they announced the new Asha 501 – running the company’s new platform called the Asha OS.

ASHA 501

For the specs — it has a 3-inch (240×320 pixel) multi-touch display, WiFi connectivity, and a 3.15-megapixel camera. It will also come in a dual-SIM variant and will be available in yellow, blue, green, red, white and black colors.

The phone is priced at $99 before taxes (around Php4,000), which would be still affordable considering that Nokia has Lumias covering the near Php10k range.

Nokia Asha 501 specs:
3-inch 240×320 TFT LCD display, 133ppi
128 MB internal memory
microSD up to 32 GB
3.15 MP camera
QVGA@15fps video
FM Radio
Bluetooth 3.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Nokia Asha 1.0
1200 mAh battery
99.2 x 58 x 12.1 mm (dimensions)
98.2 g (weight)

A cool thing to note here is how the new Asha platform works. Swiping is very much needed in the device which is reminiscent of the MeeGo platform running on the N9. A few titles such as Plants vs Zombies are also shown in the video, which makes it an even more interesting phone.


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28 Responses to “Nokia Asha 501 now official, running Asha OS”

  1. Nasottodre says:

    Hahahahaha! As we expected. #nasottodre :))))))

  2. Muhammad Haykal Lore
    Twitter: Muhammad Haykal

    Looks more like an lg l3. Woah it plays plants vs zombies? let see..

  3. Nasottodre says:

    “Today, we are brought the new Asha 501 – running the company’s new OS called the Asha platform.”

    Haaaaay nasobrahan sa copy paste, WE talaga? Tapos sasagot pang hindi daw nangongopya, ineedit naman daw ekek. Muka mo!! Hahahahaha.

  4. Robert V. says:

    Hinding-hindi talaga sumusuko ang Nokia at talagang gusto nilang bawiin ang dati nilang title na hari sa larangan ng mobile phones. : )

  5. yeah says:

    Ganda nung design hindi mukhang feature phone =))

  6. boykopya says:

    kaya naman pala another copy-paste article. we daw, bakit kelan ka pa naging part ng nokia? haha. bilis ng edit oh :D

  7. George says:

    Poor, Pathetic, and Hopeless Nokia Company, their market are those of the aging generation, and die-hard fanatics of Windows.

    So why don’t they even introduced an Android driven phone? HTC and Huawei does have Android and Windows line-up. Are their financial resources is as stable as that of Microsoft?

    And now, developing their own OS for Asha line-up? That’s a pathetic strategy. Even 7 years old kids wouldn’t even care to use these mobile phones.

    A sinking ship company wherein it’s captain are naive on the other options his ship might take for it not to sink at THE BOTTOM LIST OF LOOSER COMPANY.(Overconfidence eh? CEO?)

    • puppysaur says:

      ang dami mong arte, hndi naman pinipilit ng NOKIA na bilhin mo cellphone nila, kung may pera ka eh d mag apple or android ka. epal mo,masyado kang bitter porket d nagawa ang nokia ng ANDROID.

      dami mo reklamo na gumawa sila ng android. bakit, hindi ka ba masaya sa mga gawa ng samsung, htc, lg at sandamakmak ng chinese OEM?

      looser kang bayot ka. isaksak mo sa baga mo un mga highends mo leche!

    • rawmeat says:

      dami arte, bading ka pre?> eh d bumili k ng S4 or htc one, ganun lang kasimple.

    • Cera says:

      Hahahaha, e bayot ka pala e.

    • Name: ivan osila says:

      Ikw n lng kya ang maging Developer ng NOKIA!!!

      kse ang Nokia Confident sila n mayroong laban ang windows phone nila sa Android at iOS.


      – battery life sucker
      – Low class OS
      – Hang or Lag OS

      – FOR YOU :




      any ways..

      Kng Android k eh di Android k..
      Wla nman kming pki elam sa android eh basta kmi LOYAL KMI SA NOKIA…

      Wlang personalan
      to okay kng na-OFFEND k eh di SORYY..

    • mister says:

      pag mahal ang isang bagay, kahit alam mo na kinakwartahan at niloloko ka ng kumpanya, kahit alam mo na may mas maganda, nagiging maganda, nagiging status symbol. yan ang mundo ng tao, a world of appearances. parang apple, dinaan sa ganda ng design pero pag ginamit mo limitado. kahit alam mo na pangit ang camera, bawat matinong application may bayad, ay “go” pa rin kasi magiging mataas ka sa ibang tao. pataasan lang yan!

    • lester123456 says:

      haha! tanga ka pag binastos mo nokia sa harap ng fans nila. speaking for everybody else, taghirap nga ng nokia ngayon, kasi pinili nila ang bullshit na samsung at android kesa sa reliable at innovative na nokia :P

    • pakqu ka says:

      kwento mo sa pagong pards

  8. john vianney M. Tupas says:

    this is just the beggining of the nokia this is not the end it is just getting started!nokia always rules.

  9. puppysaur says:

    nokia mapa high end or low end ang ganda talaga ng design. definitely buying this one, good backup or secondary phone, kahit manakaw ok lang kasi mura. GO GO NOKIA! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  10. echosiren says:

    let’s just see what Nokia has still in store. Anything can happen…

  11. watchasay says:

    kelan daw to..lalabas sa market? bili agad ako nyan hahah dami kong pera….

  12. the_m0nk says:

    another option as a good tool for business

    ang hinihintay ko yung mga shop na mag upgrade ng RAM or battery or internal memory or whatever

    • zarne says:

      ‘another option as a good tool for business’

      I love Nokia for they make excellent phones. We need Nokia for competition. But what can this phone do with its 64MB RAM and 128 MB internal storage to qualify as a good tool for business? The Blackberry Q10 as a business tool would have a lot to say about the Asha 501.

  13. jj says:

    when is the lumia 928 hitting philippine market? i own lumia 800 and just fell in love with it. its stunning simple os is amazing, plus the design. lahat naka apol5, at nakatutok sa mukha mo pag ginagamit, talagang stats symbol, pangit naman ang camera.

    • mj says:

      the Lumia 928 is only exclusive to verizon (us market) they might also launch an international version, lumia 925, wala nmang pinagkaiba sa 920 except may xenon flash siya

    • mister says:

      lumia 925 is slimmer and lighter than the 920 and the camera is better. i’m saving for this device too. i think windows phone is underrated. it’s simple, fluid and beautiful. by the way, why is there no announcement of this new lumia on this blog?
      out of topic: recently bought a ipad mini meant for travel and now its stackéd away in the closet. free apps are useless, no google earth, limited movies to watch. why are people so crazy about this thing? just to be seen with it? my hp mini is way far more useful!

  14. metre9dmt says:

    from what i read from other news sources, the real innovation of nokia asha 501 is the upgrading of series 40 OS with a touch of Meego and Smarterphone. Reviewing video demonstrations, it can give higher end phones a run for its money. regarding having only 2G signal, sa pinas, 3G hanggang 4G na daw tayo. sa experience ko, sa ads lang ng mga telephone companies na yan ang nag-eexist ang 3G/4G na yan. maari sa metro manila may 3G/4G kung nasa mamahaling lugar ka tulad ng forbes, bonifacio global city….may wifi naman which is better.

  15. Life says:

    It is a nice handset, it has many functions those I like most……And also I will buy it…..

  16. Dave says:

    can’t wait for this Asha Phone :D
    ganda ng design, that’s what I called “Innovation” . . At only Php 4,000 so affordable, I will definitely buy this :D

  17. toei says:

    Way back 1993 my mom and dad use to have a phone, that’s way bigger than my pencil case in elementary, and that phone I’m referring to is Nokia. It comes with an antenna that is, a little bit shorter than phone itself. So.. I should say, Nokia is one of the pioneers when it comes mobile phones, and still doing great up until now. I’m so proud you Nokia! You’re the best! Congratulations… more power

  18. jomanji says:

    andaming nokia bashers..

    Pero almost 80% sa kanila hindi pa nakagamit o mga walang alam sa symbian OS..

    Nokia Symbian OS, doesn’t need powerful processor and huge ram in order to perform their apps and systems.

    As a symbian user, i didnt encounter major lags or any worst performance on their OS..

    -I can run opera mini in a fast and fluid functionality

    -i can play almost 1Gig size of movies in any format like avi, mp4, flv and 3gp files without any major lags.. (coreplayer app)
    And i can also skip or jump in any part of the movie without any problems. The movie is still responsive (android can’t perform this)

    -i can do multitasking

    -i can play games with a high graphics without any problem (N-Gage games)

    -same with iphone ios and samsung androids, my phone has also a animated transitions to became more alive and exciting (kastro theme effects)

    -i can play almost 99% of gba games on my phone..

    -my phone can handle 64Gb of micro sd card, without any worst or major lags (even the manufacturers say that only 8Gb of external memory can insert into it)

    -long battery life

    -durable.. This is my only one smartphone that can throw it everywhere with no worries..

    Everything that i said is true.. I swear.

    Oh, i forgot to say my phone model..

    NOKIA 6120c..
    It has only 64Mb RAM and 369Mhz processor..

    Believe me.. Everything is compact on symbian..

    But sad to say that they have a plan to abandon this kind of wonderful OS.. how sad

    Nakagamit din ako ng android.. Maganda ang interface.. Kaso ko ng opera mini, laggy na. Problema nila dyan battery kung ganyan sila katakaw sa ram and processor.

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