Nokia C2-03 Touch & Type Dual-SIM phone

Nokia’s dual SIM offerings are slowly crawling up the handset ladder with the Nokia C2-03 Touch & Type being the latest one announced in the recent Nokia Connections 2011 in Singapore.

Though not really the star of the event, we’ve managed to snapped a few photos for you here.

Nokia C2-03 Touch & Type specs:
2.6″ display @ 240 x 320 pixels
10MB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD (2GB included)
Bluetooth 2.1 w/ A2DP
2MP camera
FM Radio tuner w/ FM recording
Li-Ion battery 1020mAh

* No WiFi, no 3G connectivity.

Still a pretty basic feature phone but looks more stylish compared the the other Nokia dual-SIM phones. It’s got handwriting recognition (resistive touchscreen) and active SIM swap (just like the C2-00) so you don’t have to reboot the phone when you switch new SIMs.

The main reason why Nokia had delays in coming out with their dual-SIM is because they want to perfect how real, active dual-SIM should work.

The Nokia C2-03 will retail for $105 so that’s under Php5,000 when it reaches the Philippines (there’s no specific which month it will be release locally though).

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  1. jerome

    Wifi – enabled?

    • Please Read the Post again. wheew!

    • Binasa mo lang yata yong title then straight ka na agad sa comment section… hehehe

    • tomo! copied and pasted:

      * No WiFi, no 3G connectivity.

  2. Sanctuarian06

    Looks like Blackberry Torch.

  3. Too late, Nokia. Making people wait more than a year for a phone they wanted a year before that isn’t exactly the best way to earn sales. No wonder your platform is burning.

  4. old china-mobile technology

  5. why only now nokia decided to release their dual sims?

  6. Guys, Nokia never really planned, nor wanted to manufacture dual-SIM phones. However, due to the huge demand or request from customers they did. I know because I work in their call center and the requests are from customers around the world. Most customers say that they would rather have a cheap Nokia dual-SIM phone rather than a china made replica.

    Between a china phone with TV and this model? I’ll buy this one. Atleast “Nokia” hindi “tatak”buhin. At isa pa, may warranty.

    • We wanted to get a dual sim phone from Nokia. We waited more than a year. So we bit the bullet and bought the “tatak”buhin. It is serving us well now. Nokia might have been the better brand, but since there was no functioning dual sim from them, we couldn’t wait.

      That, in essence, is the problem. Nokia responded too late.

  7. chacha

    why do they have to make it a slider, Even Sony has issues on the connector that easily wears out. People tend to wear out the slider easily, other people tends to form manerrism sliding it.

    • good thing… nokia slider connectors don’t wear off that much… my slider is more than a year old and is still serving me well… :)

  8. Mas okay na to kesa replica na BOKIA ng china. Mas okay parin ang C2-00 kasi cute.

  9. Almost 1 year ako nag antay ng Nokia C2-00 kasi i want the Nokia Dual SIM not the other brand like LG or SAMSUNG. Muntik na ako mag order from India to get the phone but it finally arrived here in the Philippines.

    • biznizdok

      tsip, saan available ang C2-00? last week ala pa rin sa market.

  10. benchmark

    it looks like the old Nokia 7650 hehehehe

  11. bebenta pa rin to sa mga Nokia die-hards o dun sa mga ayaw mahuling humahawak ng China/local brands

  12. Shelow

    yes it’s way too late for nokia. and it’s funny they have to brag about that special feature when you won’t have to turn the phone on and off to switch to the other sim. sila lang ata ang phone na kailangan pa ng ganun. even the cheapest phones nkakapag-switch sims without resetting. di ko alam bat ngaun lng nila na-figure out yan.

  13. looks like a china phone… no wi-fi? NEXT PHONE PLS…

  14. in my opinion this will still sell. the need for dual-SIM phones is still there. although nokia is a bit late, people who will buy a dual-SIM phone now will have to consider Nokia’s lineup.

  15. small caps

    2.6 display with 240×320 screen resolution is pathetic

  16. >> how real, active dual-SIM should work.

    Exactly how should it work?

    Never used a dual-SIM phone but contemplating on getting one. So I’m wondering.

  17. aljune

    na release na ba sa pinas to ??

  18. Ritz Van

    Yes. It will be released this coming saturday.

  19. was a nokia phone fanatic..
    really wanted a dual sim (dual standby) phone from nokia, but the local brands are serving well :)

    where is the 3G/wifi feature?.. these should always be included with the phone specially with the arising number of social networking sites…

  20. how much is this cp

  21. Kristine Lois Aldana

    its really its 5000 only

  22. i don’t know how to use the handwriting mode… i have one. Does this phone have? My dealer said it has. but i can’t still find it. :((


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