Nokia Lumia 630 vs. Lumia 525: Which one’s worth it?

At Php7,990, is the Nokia Lumia 630 worth the higher price versus its more affordable sibling, the Lumia 525?

Here’s our quick tabular comparison.

lumia 630 525

At Php1,510 more (based on SRP), you get a slightly bigger and better screen, built-in display protection (Gorilla Glass 3), twice the processing power (quad vs. dual core), better battery life, larger storage expansion, FM radio, and dual-SIM with the Lumia 630.

On the other hand, the Lumia 525 trumps its bigger brother with its 1GB RAM. But since this is a Windows phone, RAM isn’t an issue when it comes to performance, though it may limit the 630’s app selection in the Windows Store.


While its cheaper sibling, the Lumia 525, has an angled face and a curved back, the more expensive 630 has rounded edges up front and an angled back.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments section.

(Editor’s Note: Lumia 525 is not yet officially released locally.)

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  1. evans

    525 here

  2. 525 looks sexier than 630,, and the 1gb RAM is an edge i have the 520, so know the BIG deffrence..

  3. Greenie

    In China, they are releasing a better version of the 630, which is the 638. It has 1GB of RAM. While in Brazil, the 630 has a TV. It really is weird why Microsoft Mobile can’t release a version that has all of these.

    Microsoft should restructure its marketing plan or else, us few Microsoft users might just get tired of being disappointed.

  4. jayrwafu

    Lumia 525 has NO FM radio… isn’t it a standard specs… ?

    • dj0502

      I can confirm na yung 520 ay merong radio transmitter (available via update, not sure if sa amber or black na update na enable) kaya weird if wala ang 525 nun.

      GSMarena is showing na merong radio ang 525, so need iupdate ang article.

  5. Zobel

    Walang LTE? Hihintayin ko na lang na maging libre ang windows. Right now I can’t live without my Android apps.

    • Lumia 635 is the one with LTE. I believe it will also be launched there in the Philippines in the coming weeks.

  6. Lumia user

    Pwede ba i-upgrade ba ang Lumia 525 sa Windows 8.1?


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