Nokia Lumia 920, in the flesh

Just before we set out to Taiwan, the Nokia Lumia 920 has dropped by our HQ for review. We must say that the timing couldn’t be any perfect because it became our go to device for the most of our video/photo coverage of the annual convention.

As soon as we picked up the Lumia 920 from its box, we immediately fell in love with its well-constructed unibody frame. This handset feels very solid in the hands which is mainly due to its robust physique coupled with a polycarbonate shell which is draped with matte-like finish (for the Black and Cyan models that is).

nokia lumia 920

Now, we know that not everybody will appreciate the 920’s thick and hefty form factor, especially those who has a thing for razor thin handsets. However, if sexy smartphones are not exactly your cup of tea, then this handset may just be the right one for you. That is, of course, if you can live with Windows Phone 8.

All four physical buttons are situated on the right side which includes (in order from the top) volume rocker, Power and Shutter key. The micro-SIM card tray sits at north side, along with the audio jack. Meanwhile, the micro-USB port is located at the bottom portion flanked by a set of speaker holes on each side.

lumia 920 philippines

The Lumia 920’s façade consists of the 4.5-inch screen sandwiched in between earpiece and front mounted 1.3MP camera and a trio of capacitive buttons (Back, Windows and Search). On the other side, there’s the 8MP camera which sits in a small strip of shiny plastic that adds a bit of classy touch on the otherwise boring back panel. Oh, and there’s a puny dual LED flash unit too just right above the snapper.

Nokia Lumia 920 specs:
4.5″ 720p display PureMotionHD+ @ 1280×768 pixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz dual-core, Krait processor
Adreno 225 GPU
32GB internal storage
8MP rear camera, LED flash
1080p video recording @30fps
1.3MP front-facing camera
720p video recording @30fps
2,000mAh Li-Ion battery
Windows Phone 8
Dimension: 130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7 mm
Weight: 185g

The Nokia Lumia 920 has been around the market for quite some time already (September of last year to be exact), but it’s only recently that Nokia PH was able to send us one for review. We’re not entirely sure what we’d make out of this, but we have a feeling that they too didn’t wish for this to happen.

lumia 920

Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still the best WP8 handset to date; one that will certainly please the Windows Phone crowd with its well put up frame and promising camera. But is that enough to convince consumers to pick this up from the bunch, especially now that the other big names in the smartphone industry have released their own flagship handsets? Do stick around for our full review, and we may just have an answer for that.

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  1. Hi! I own one :-) i an really planning to keep this phone for a long long more time hehe :-) it’s indeed an excellent windows phone. Also, The support of out r Telcos for the LtE makes it a perfect phone not only for picture but also for mobile browsing. It’s also good to know that there are anlot of developers who continue to develop and create new apps just like the recently releases instagram Client, Instance :)


    how much??

  3. lumianatti

    Got this phone 2 weeks ago… Di ako nagkamali. :)

  4. Best phone I got after my HTC HD7!

    Windows Phone never fails to amaze me!

  5. Kebbot

    I got the white one for 2 weeks and sold it… Then i got the black one again, other colors are very shiny and prone from scraches …. I really love this phone…. The best for me… All apps i need is already on the app store. I love the live tiles, night shoots… The phone is really solid to hold.

    • Yup, it’s because the black one is matte whilst the others are glossy!

  6. Sorry for the typo on my first post! I was in the car during that time… Anyway, I agree! this phone is indeed an excellent windows phone. I’m glad I bought one. Got a yellow Lumia 920…

  7. Planning to buy this to replace my Xperia S. Thank God for its worldwide LTE support!

  8. Apparently the smartphone beta test is NOT YET OVER. Not by a long shot.


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