Nokia outs Asha 308, Asha 309 budget phones

The Finnish company has just broadened their affordable touchscreen portfolio with the announcement of the Asha 308 and Asha 309.

Aimed at budget-conscious market, these new Ashas should be able to handle your basic phone needs and maybe even more. The Nokia Asha 308 and 309 are alike in almost all aspects with the exception of the dual-SIM functionality of the former and the built-in Wi-Fi of the latter.

Although there has been any official word about its pricing, we’re expecting these two devices to be priced around Php4-Php5k, maybe even less. These two handsets are set to hit the shelves latter part of this year.

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  1. Mr. Curious

    I won’t comment on the hardware since it’s just a budget phone. The phone actually looks great visually, it’s just that the screen is I think too small. They could have expanded it more by removing the nokia sign or just diminishes its size. Just a thought thou =))

  2. Yuja
    Twitter: yujatakeo

    Series 40 OS? although i like the idea of the free 40 EA games though but where to get more?

  3. Sana ginawa na lang nilang Windows phone na dual-sim with wifi. Mas nakaka-enganyo sana.

  4. Symbian is still alive! But until when? These phones do not differentiate themselves from the myriad of competitors. If people are just relying on the Nokia brand…then well…

  5. Another cool! new asha series phone, kahit na symbian phone ito maganda parin kasi ito na yung mas inimprove nilang S40 with new great features.

  6. Well for the fanboys of shitsung, icraphone and geyberries…isn’t sad the this low budget phone will be walking with pride. Besides who needs shitty maps and voice helpers crap? Just a wifi, can make a call and send a message? applications? EAT will just eat your stupid batteries and not even last for a day. geez these people…well its there choice. Kudos to nokia!

  7. Raha Sulayman
    Twitter: nokia

    Correction. This aint symbian. This is S40. It is the most popular phone platform I think. Around 1 billion phones using the S40.

    These phones are considered smartphones. If these sell like hotcakes, this can actually lift Nokia’s numbers for smartphone sales.

  8. Chabelita

    Pwede na tong phone na ‘to sa mga cheapskates tsaka doon sa mga nagtitipid. I, for one, is considered as a cheapskate because I’ll rather spend my hard-earned money into something more important than a phone. :D

  9. when do you think kaya magiging available to dito? philippines?

  10. jeff
    Twitter: saiyojeff

    nako ayos na sa akin to, I don’t need those crappy apps from android, na wala naman talagang productivity value. It serves well as a phone. :))


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