Nokia to launch ‘EOS’ PureView Windows Phone

Nokia was reported to be planning to launch a Windows Phone flagship codenamed EOS which will use the same PureView technology found on the Nokia 808 PureView.

According to The Verge’s sources, the Nokia EOS will be the “true PureView Windows Phone” and will use a large sensor similar to the one powering the Nokia 808.


Like the previously reported Lumia 920 successor – the Nokia Catwalk, the Nokia EOS will also be clad in aluminum rather than polycarbonate as statement of its flagship status. No further details have surfaced but the Nokia EOS is expected to debut this year.

What do you say folks? If the reports are true, will you go for the Nokia Lumia 920 or wait for the Nokia EOS?


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  1. EOS? No relation with Canon?

    But I really like the sound of it.:D

  2. EOS is a patent of Canon isn’t it? No mention of Canon whatsoever?

  3. great news
    if it is available in market i will surelly buy this

  4. Lucky I haven’t bought Lumia 920 yet :D

  5. Still no sight of L920 in the Philippines.

  6. i hope i wouldn’t be as thcik as the 808 Pureview


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