Nokia X: 4-inch screen, dual-core Snapdragon CPU

Possible specs of the Android-based Nokia X, aka Nokia Normandy, has been made available online. Showcasing a 4-inch screen, a dual core Snapdragon CPU, and a 5 megapixel camera.

We first reported about the Nokia Normandy, now known as the Nokia X, back in December. It is rumored to be Nokia’s upcoming entry-level offering running a new Android-based OS with support for Android APKs.

nokia normandy

More leaks have been provided in a short period of time that it gave us almost a complete idea of what the device is all about. One of the most recent leaks provided are the specs courtesy of @evleaks.

Nokia X specs (unofficial):
4-inch WVGA (480 x 800) display, 233ppi
dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
4GB of internal storage
microSD card support
5 megapixel camera
Nokia Store + “3rd party”
dual-SIM, dual standby
1,500mAh battery
6 color variants (Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

The CPU and camera specs coincide with the device info on a purported AnTuTu benchmark of the said smartphone. Below is a screenshot of the UI, again from @evleaks:

nokia x ui

The remaining questions to be asked now are the price and country availability. We expect the price to fall comfortably between the most expensive Asha and the cheapest WP8 Lumia which is between Php5,000 to Php8,000, to avoid cannibalism.

noia normandy x

While these leaks provide a lot of information, things are still far from being official. It is however, a good sign to the hopefuls that a Nokia droid is just around the corner waiting to be released. And it’s just a matter of time.

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  1. buti pumayag microsoft dito

  2. evollove

    Too bad walang Google Play. Nokia wants this with their own app store, although users can still side-load third-party apps.

    • Miss Call

      People will only be disappointed to have access to Google Play and find out later that the apps the install will not run well with the budget phone.

  3. I trust nokia more than the high-spec’d rebranded android phones. Not supporting google play means that nokia wants to optimize the the low-spec’d device by selecting apps for it. Sana pang masa ang price. Mga nasa range ng Asha or less.

  4. well im hoping pang “testing the waters” ito ng Nokia. and if they will price it like 5k-6k. papatok to because People, especially pinoys, know Nokia for its quality units.

    and sana, yung next flagship nila na Android, may pureview na!

    Panalo na to!!!


    • Nokia is definitely “testing the waters” with this one. Once this thing sells well, they could make another model that has a higher specs than this one.

      And for those complaining about 512MB RAM please fucking take note that this smartphone will be sold under the low-end spectrum of the market.

  5. atleast sana 1gb ram at 2000mah.

  6. style ng windows phone os? a big no no! kung style asha os baka pwede pa tsk..

  7. thecorrescode

    Nokia turned themselves into a shitpile thanks to fucking Windows and now they’re trying to redeem themselves?

    Fuck Windows. Fuck Office. Fuck Xbox. Fuck DirectX. Fuck Microsoft. Fuck all of it!

    • Comments like this tells you their author really has no manners and etiquette

    • @thecorrescode: Fuck you as well!

  8. 512 mb ram…aw

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