Nokia X, X+ and XL Android smartphone announced

MWC2014: Barcelona, Spain — In a press conference held this morning during the opening of the Mobile World Congress, Nokia has unveiled its very first Android smartphone. There are actually three of them — the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL.

The Nokia X and Nokia X+ art entry level Android smartphones that are positioned in between the Asha line and the Lumia line of Nokia smartphones.

The Nokia X and X+ are 4-inch touchscreen Android phone will a modified Nokia Store that supports Android apps and games. The Nokia XL is the 5-inch counterpart.

Nokia X is €89, X+ is €99, XL for €109, the latter two to be released by 2nd quarter of 2014.

We’re heading to the booth to get a closer look and some hands-on time with the devices.


* Check out our hands-on with the Nokia XL.
* Check out our hands-on with the Nokia X and X+.

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  1. Abe, will you stop with the ‘MWC2014: Barcelona, Spain — ‘ thing. You are not a newswire website nor are you issuing a press release. Pang pr lang ang location at date line.

    • This is his Blog, he pays for it, he can do whatever he wants with it…

    • jhepoyski

      and i beleive na andun din ata yung team nila. (correct me if i am wrong)


    • Contrary to your assertion, the place-date line is, by no means, “confined” to any one type of online article.

      Plus, andun si Abe, and this is his blog. Anong pake mo kung ilagay niya un? Edi wag ka magbasa. Such a smartass LOL

  2. Specs for the 2 (X+ and XL) please?

    Nokia X running 4.1.2 is so bad with the 512 mb memory

  3. Dapat kasi nag lagay sila ng playstore.

    • Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices division prompted Nokia to preload its first Android smartphone with Microsoft’s services instead of Google’s. Should Nokia decided to put Google’s services into their first Android smartphone, Microsoft will surely hammer Nokia the bad way.

      Since the Nokia X runs Android you can sideload Google’s Play Store just fine (with a little bit of tweaking, of course).

    • Bakit kelangan mo pa ng playstore e pwede naman mag-sideload…

    • there will be a Nokia Store that will support and display android apps, third party app stores are welcome, and sideloading is supported. then why the heck you need google play when you can do the three I mentioned??? PLEASE READ SOME ARTICLES, ANG GOOGLE NADYAN LANG PO HA

  4. A smartphone running Android to promote Microsoft’s services instead of Google’s services? Quite ironic, isn’t it?

  5. lol, original cherry mobile flare specs, lumang S4 play with cortex-a5, tapos double ang presyo. stupid shit nokia… hahahaha.

    • But the user interface of the Nokia X runs smoothly than your laggy 1GHZ cherry mobile phone. HUWAG KANG MASYADONG MANGLAIT!!!. Tapos contrary to the budget friendly price is Nokia’s good repair service. San ka pa kaysa sa substandard na quality at repair service ng c-h-e-r-r-y m-o-b-i-l-e!!!!!!

    • ang binabayaran mo lang nman ung name na NOKIA ee… kahit luma ang ilagay nila ung NOKIA prin bibilhin mo.. ung brand name lang…

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  7. consider the fact that colonial mentality is within this country four decades now,hindi nyo matatanggal sa isip ng mga pilipino na ang binibili lang ay ang BRAND NAME……

    • Karamihan naman ng mga so-called “pinoy-made” phones eh rebranded lang mula sa mga generic android phones from china. Nilagyan lang ng mga pinoy services para kunwari gawang pinoy. lol

  8. to each his own we presume..

    we can all agree that a particular brand or model or specs of X item is better than others, but if that is only but a “mere concept in the end-user’s mind” and not what we actually have in our hand is a totally different telling what we have and what we think is best..

    what we usually have in our hand is pretty much telling of ourselves, all circumstances considered the same..

    Mind is surreal.. Budget is real..


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